The latest Natour race was yesterday from Morlincourt a distance of 280 km to Nieuwendijk.  Same as last week the birds flew the entire race into a stiff north east headwind all the way that made for low winning velocities for the early prize winners.

Once again we sent out entire old bird and young bird team of around 55 in total to this any age race and we are very pleased with the team performance winning 36 prizes in total with 9 in the top hundred against 2317 birds.

Club 381 birds…1st,4th,5th,8th,9th,10th,11th and so on.

Union dee Baronie Combine 2317 birds… 11th,20th,28th,38th,41st, 47th,48th,62nd,63rd etc

Provincial 10,746 birds 111th, 163rd etc

First bird was NL21-1275127

NL21-1275127 winner of 1st Club Morlincourt 381 birds and 11th Combine 2317 birds


Second bird was NL21-2118911

NL21-2118911 winner of 4th Club Morlincourt 381 birds and 20th Combine 2317 birds


Third bird was NL21-1275122

NL21-1275122 winner of 5th Club Morlincourt 381 birds and 28th Combine 2317 birds


Fourth Bird was NL21-1275114

NL21-1275114 winner of 8t Club Morlincourt 381 birds and 38th Combine 2317 birds


Fifth bird was NL21-1275158

NL21-1275158 winner of 9th Club Morlincourt 381 birds and 41st Combine 2317 birds


Sixth Bird was NL21-1275140

NL21-1275140 winner of 10th Club Morlincourt 381 birds and 48th Combine 2317 birds