This absolute super quality hen is ‘Murphy’s Diamond’ a daughter of Willem de Bruijn’s sensational cock ‘Murphy’s Law’ winner of:
*1st Nat.Asduif FCI De Allerbeste
*4th Nat.Asduif Midfond NPO

*1st Pointoise 9.705 birds
(1st Overall 26.648 birds)
*3rd Fontenay 11.526 birds
*4th Peronne 2.211 birds
*6th Pt. St. Max 2.573 birds
*7th Asse Zelik 2.278 birds
*8th Pt. St. Max 2.468 birds
*9th Duffel 4.063 birds
*10th Sezanne 4.719 birds
*11th Duffel 1.753 birds
*11th Quievrain 1.538 birds
*11th Peronne 1.015 birds
*14th Peronne 2.495 birds
*16th Melun 4.511 birds
*18th Peronne 2.946 birds
*25th Duffel 4.098 birds

All as a young bird & yearling!

As you can see from the pedigree her origin is around 80% original Heremans Ceusters however more importantly she is from generations of fantastic performers on large scale.

She was purchased at Willem de Bruijn’s Boxing Day Auction in the Netherlands that I could not attend personally, however my friend Peter Theunis traveled down on my behalf to select in his opinion the best of the four direct children on offer and I must thank him once again for his expert selection.                        She is absolutely magnificent in every way.