GB16V48638 Prince Leo

This magnificent Checker Cock is Prince Leo bred from two of the very best of Leo Hermans World  famous lines of the last 15 years. As you can see he is typical of the original Leo Heremans type being a really top class specimen to look at and handle.

The unfortunate thing for us is we bred him and retained him for his bloodline and type but overlooked him until last year when we paired him for the first time. Four wasted years!

His sire is Max…one of our principle breeders of the last 10 years with his direct children wining:
*1st Quievrain 590 b (1st Fed 2.018 b) (2nd Combine 5.585 b)
*1st Oudenaarde 313 b (1st Fed 1.041 b) (2nd Combine 8.027 b)
*1st Nanteuil 255 b (3rd Combine 3.627 b)
*1st Quievrain 420 b (4th Fed 1.596 b)
*1st Fontenay 415 b ( 16th NPO 6.704 b)
*1st Creil 181 b (67th NPO 9.912 b)
*2nd Asse Zellik 342 b (9th Combine 3.256 b)
*2nd Peronne 278 b (11th Combine 2.302 b)
*2nd Quievrain 350 b (23rd Combine 4.818 b)
*2nd Nanteuil 211 b (83rd NPO 7.620 b)
*3rd Creil 135 b                                                                                                                                                           *3rd Peronne 304 b                                                                                                                                                           *4th Morlincourt 231 b
*4th Fontenay 226 b
*4th Roye 216 b (66th NPO 14.164 b)
*4th St Quentin 438 b
*5th Asse Zellik 331 b (6th Combine 3.098 b)
*5th St Just 155 b (24th NPO 5.838 b)
*6th Nanteuil 255 b
*6th Quievrain 420 b (39th Combine 4.270 b)
*7th Creil 246 b (25th Combine 2.435 b)

The amount of winning grandchildren are countless, as are the winning offspring of ‘Nieuwe Rossi’ and ‘Eenoogske’ known as  ‘The New Dream Couple’ of Leo Heremans.

Dam of ‘Prince Leo’ is the exceptional breeding hen ‘Astrid’ also bred by Leo Heremans  and she is responsible for:

Astrid is dam of:
*1st Quievrain 359 b        27th Combine 3480 b
*1st Asse Zellik 944 b         4th Combine 3493 b
*2nd Morlincourt 1572 b  11th Combine 4494 b
*4th Asse Zellik 1506 b                                                                                                                                              *5th Quievrain 3627 b
*6th Feluy 1010 b                9th Combine 3901 b
*11th Morlincourt 1195 b  18th Combine 3865 b
*12th St Quentin 1316 b
*18th Nivelles 4640 b
*29th Quievrain12,208 b
‘Astrid’ is grandam of:
*1st Creil 846 b                 38th National NPO 9489 b
*1st Quievrain 1103 b       9th Combine            2976 b
*3rd Peronne 4389 b       66th Provincial    20,806 b
*10th Pt St Max 2959 b
*9th Asse Zellik 3526 b
*13th Quivrain 1596 b      28th Combine           4270 b
*15th Oudenaerde 1041 b 28th Provincial        8027 b
*22nd Creil 2263 b
*28th Morlincourt 2435 b
*15th Creil 3001 b
*15th Sens 1873 b              85th National  NPO 9193 b
*23rd Peronne 4389 b

Astrid is dam of the Macaloney Families
Luigi Sire of:
1st Yearling Derby 2,230 birds
1st Federation 4,433 birds
1st Federation 2,538 birds
1st Federation 1,352 birds
4th Federation 5,776 birds
4th Federation 2,564 birds
4th Federation 426 birds
6th Federation 3,553 birds (BBLM )
8th Federation 1,257 birds
9th Federation 890 birds (BBLM )
15th Federation 5,475 birds
17th Federation 5,992 birds
18th Federation 5,076 birds
23rd Federation 1,276 birds
Grand sire to
1st Federation 501 Birds
Luigi is now sire and grandsire to 14 x 1st prizes

Well known offsprings of this wonder pairing are
‘Het Superduiftje’ (Daughter)
1st Orleans 1208 birds
4th Prov Orleans 9860 birds
*1st Antwerp Provincial ‘Asduif 2008.
‘B09-214’ (Daughter)
*1st Asduif Youngbird Tienverbond 2009.
*1st Asduif Tienverbond 2010.
‘Nieuwe Olympiade’ (Gr. parents)
2. Olympiad acebird cat. F Poznan 2011
1. Quiévrain – 2,460 birds
2. Quiévrain – 2,790 birds
3. Quiévrain – 2,073 birds
‘Bolt’ (G.Gr.parents)
1. Nat. acebird speed KBDB young birds 2012
4. Nat. Olympiad bird cat. F Nitra 2013
2. Quiévrain – 2,707 birds
3. Quiévrain – 1,881 birds
7. Quiévrain – 2,507 birds
8. Quiévrain – 1,701 birds
‘Brother Bolt’ (G.Gr.Parents)
1. Quiévrain – 2,589 birds
1. Quiévrain – 1,193 birds
1. Quiévrain – 656 birds
4. Quiévrain – 1,943 birds
‘Olympic Bolt’ K. & K. Meijers
Olympiad Nitra 2013 cat. F
2. Maaseik – 7,676 birds
4. Nijvel – 6,899 birds
4. Chimay – 4,271 birds

We had considered for a very long time how to maintain this original Leo Heremans and original Hermans Ceusters lines that have been so successful for us and many others  and did not want to loose any performance due to inbreeding and we decided to introduce some prime candidates of the Luc and Hilde Sioen including children of ‘Spidey’ probably the best breeding cock in Belgium at the moment and some carefully selected individuals from Willem de Bruijn from his principle breeders and racers.

Both of these fanciers have the original Heremans Ceusters lines at their base including the golden ‘Rossi’ and ‘Spinneke’ lines and both are amongst the elite performers in the modern Continental Pigeon Sport.

Maggy Murphy… Daughter of ‘Murphys Law’ and ‘Tatjana’ of Willem de Bruijn.

One of the young hens we selected from Willem de Bruijn  was ‘Maggy Murphy’ a daughter of his principle bird ‘Murphys Law’. One glance at the attached trial pedigree demonstrates very clearly that every generation must race and perform and through ruthless selection by racing they have earned their place to remain part of Willem de Bruijn’s plans.

Prince Leo and Maggy Murphy…an exciting trial pairing…