Yesterday was our third Young Bird Race of the season and once again they came well.

Club 1st,3rd,4th against 463 birds

Combine 14th,27th,31st against 3914 birds

Our first bird was bred by Jan Hooymans from a pair on loan from us ‘The Golden Witpen’ and ‘Daughter Harry’ . The parents of the super racer Cesar. We shared the youngsters and can only hope that this youngster is a good as his famous brother.

Our second bird  is from ‘Hurricane Run’the last son of our original son of the Young Couple with ‘Indigo’ paired to ‘Murphy’s Diamond’ a new introduction from Willem de Bruijn’s new Super Star ‘Murphy’s Law’.                                                                                                                                                            This youngster was our first arrival from the first race one and a half minutes ahead of our second bird and was the probable club winner but unfortunately did not register due to a damaged chip ring. So now she has shown again that she can race early.

Our third bird was from the fantastic breeding cock ‘Special One’ the son of Harry coupled with ‘Favorite’ a daughter of Junior x Rhiannon. The nest mate of this bird was 44th Combine Bierges two weeks ago against 3,561 birds so the omens are good with this pairing.

1st Club 463 birds 14th Combine  Niergnies against 3914 birds.  Full brother to Cesar 6 x 1st.


3rd Club 463 birds . 27th Comb. Niergnies against 3914 birds.


4th Club 463 birds 31st Combine Niergnies against 3914 birds. Nest sister was 44th Combine Bierges 3,561 birds two weeks ago.