*This beautiful cock is ‘Renegade’ a direct son of ‘Outlaw’ when coupled with ‘Lady King’ the super racing and breeding direct daughter of the ‘Young Couple.  

‘Renegade’ is the father of our first bird this week.


This is ‘Gold Dust’ bred by Koen Minderhoud direct from his world famous ‘Geelooger’.
‘Gold Dust’ is dam of our first bird this week.



For our second natour race of 2019 we raced from Niergnies a distance of around 215 km to Nieuwendijk.

One again we had a very good race with plenty of early prizes.

Club  433 birds…2nd,5th,7th,14th,15th,21st,22nd,23rd,24th and so on…

Union de Baronie 3,864 birds…19th,46th,75th etc…

2nd Club Niergnies 433 birds…19th Combine 3,864 birds


5th Club Niergnies 433 birds…46th Combine 3,864 birds


7th Club Niergnies 433 birds…75th Combine 3,864 birds


14th Club Niergnies 433 birds… 142nd Combine 3,864 birds


*This is the pedigree of NL19-1755713 a gift bird to our friends Hemert & Ouwerkerk         (H & O)  that won 1st Club 116 birds, 3rd Combine 3.864 birds and 87th Provincial 19,539 birds in the same race from Niergnies. Many congratulations and great flying.