Our decision to skip most young bird racing this season due to the heat and sickness in young birds and just concentrate on the ‘Natour’ (Natural) Any Age races that are much later in the season is probably the right thing to do. The first Natour race took place from Niergnies last Saturday with an entry of 13,346 birds and the Young Bird race from Fontenay had 7,099 birds on the same day , demonstrates this is the way to go for most fanciers as the Young Bird Seasons get more difficult every year.

Seventeen of our  twenty prize winners were young birds including our first three birds timed and three were older birds.

Club 456 entries ….1st,3rd,4th,5th.8th,10th etc

Union de Baronie 2861 birds…18th,21st,25th,26th,55th,78th,79th..

Provincial Brabant 2000 13,346 birds…102nd,116th,128th,129th

First bird was :

First bird for 1st Club Niergnies 465 birds…

Second bird was:

Second bird for 3rd Club Niergnies 465 birds…

Third bird was :

Third bird for 4th Club Niergnies 465 birds…