In August 2006 my attention was gripped by an auction near Liege in Belgium organized by La Columbophile Belge ( Family Herbots) and it was a two day Clearance Sale for the exceptional breeding loft of the German fancier Werner Stellermann.

Just some of the lots were five different German National Ace Winners. A daughter of Lowikie of Jan van den Pash. 24 direct Janssen Brothers.11 children of Gunther Prange’s Ringlose.4 children of Dirk Van Dyck’s Kannibaal plus two from Den Bourges and a daughter of Rambo.4 children of Engles Den 231′.the absolute top from Van Hove Uyterhoven. 2 from Gaby Vandenabeeles ‘Wittenbuik’ plus 3 from ‘Bliksem’ and 2 from James Bond.   3 from Bobby of Van Leest Peeters. 13 direct Schellens including tywo from Nationaal 1 plus 3 from ‘Vooruit’ of Louis de Leus. A son and daughter plus a brother and sister of Fieneke 5000 of Flor Vervoort. 8 direct Antoon and Hilde Reynaert including three from ‘De Figo’.

My imagination was captured by a unique collection from Cornelis and Gerard Koopman. And we were not talking about just some grandchildren but directs from ‘Kleine Dirk’..’Ermerveens Hope’…Noble Blue’…’Mister Emerveen’…Annelies’…Deng Lings Favoriet’…’Branco’ and the absolute stars of the show, three children of the world famous ‘Golden Lady’.

My interest was just one bird Lot 42 NL04-1389528 ‘Doran’ bred from ‘Golden Lady’ with her own grandson the Olympiade Ace ‘Ermerveens Hope’.

So it was off to Liege on Saturday 5th August arriving in plenty of time for viewing. A pleasant surprise was bumping into my old pal Brian Bolton who also had a shopping list for Mr Sparks who was setting up the Premier Stud at the time. Brian was also after the direct Golden Lady’s however we very quickly had a strategy for Brian and I to take the three home.

NL04-1389528 ‘Doran’ was a very small hen as I expected being inbred  but she was a fantastic shape and had everything I had hoped for, so I bought her.

The first nest in 2007 saw me pair her to Drum, himself an inbred Kleine Dirk/Golden Lady and I was not sure what to expect, and in the first nest I bred GB07L02105 a beauty of a checker hen, again not too big but absolute class. She went to John Crehan of the Creahan and O’Connor partnership of Salford who purchased a bird from us in the previous November in a charity auction. She was to become ‘Mystique’ considered one of the greatest racing and breeding hens ever in the UK. Her bloodline is still super potent down through the generations especially through ‘Mysterio’ her exceptional breeding son owned by  Dave Atkins, of Lincoln. It was also in June 2022 that I read the report her grandchild had won the Pioneer Ace Bird Award in Taiwan and that is without doubt one of the biggest competitions in the world. Certainly the biggest prize money.


A full brother to ‘Mystique’ was ‘Johannesburg’ probably the best ever breeding son of Drum. Maybe the best breeder ever direct from Drum !  and that is a big statement.

In June 2022 the Scottish fancier Ian Hunter won the Moledo Yearlings Championship One Loft Race in Portugal a race that had a very strong entry of 2607 birds entered by 291 fanciers, many of whom are really top One Loft specialists with a very strong German entry with over 500 in the final. The winner was from a son of the Portugal Pair a grandson of ‘Johannesburg’ once again!.


Another quite fantastic breeding cock was the ‘Syndicate Cock’ of the Leach Family.



In a message from Adrian Leach, he highlighted some of the performances. A lot more results have been achieved since then down from this top breeding cock as that was four years ago. A lot more offspring have won since then.

HI Peter

Just out of interest I attach a list of the results that I know about which have been won with direct children but mainly G.Children of our Super star ‘The Syndicate Cock’

I often wonder how many results are out their bred down from this old lad that we aren’t aware of ?

Top positions won with Children / G.children of ‘The Syndicate Cock’

1st East Cleveland Fed 1171b Seyer’s Bros Skiningrove…1st sect seven 2928b Seyer’s Bros Skiningrove… 2nd UNC 18,257b. Seyer’s Bros Skiningrove….2nd NEHU 26,064b. Seyer’s Bros Skiningrove…2nd East Cleveland Fed 1268b Seyer’s Bros Skiningrove …1st sect 306b, MNFC Vire 2015 Leach Bros…4th open 6344b MNFC Vire 2015 Leach Bros … 2nd sect 243b MNFC Carentan Leach Bros… 75th open 8406b MNFC Carentan Leach Bros … 7th NW Sect 412b MNFC Carentan Leach Bros … 22nd open 3424b MNFC Carentan Leach Bros… 6th NW Sect, (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…32nd open 3516b MNFC Carentan (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…13th NW Sect 1062b MNFC Carentan (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…97th open 8359b MNFC Carentan/Fougares (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…18th NW Sect 1107b MNFC Carentan (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…59th open 8900b MNFC Carentan (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…32nd NW Sect 968b MNFC Vire (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…128th open 6344b MNFC Vire (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…4th Cheadle gold ring £200 (A & S. HUGHES Rochdale)…1st club,2nd fed 698b,…2nd club 222b BBLM… 2nd fed 1063b BBLM,…2nd club 148b BBLM…2nd fed 631b BBLM…2nd club 152b…2nd fed 620b…2nd Waterloo 2 bird club…2nd Waterloo 2 bird club BB £400…3rd club 316b BBLM…3rd fed 625b BBLM…3rd Lancs Nantes 2 bird open race £340…4th 216b BBLM…4th 1029 BBLM…1st club 191b, 1st fed 437b,1st Amal 1751b…1st club 400b (Martindale &Lawman)…1st club 112b,1st fed 549b…2nd club 155b, 3rd fed 987b…4th fed 790b…4th Tod BB £400…4th club 246b BBLM…4th fed 470b BBLM…4th Amal 1908b BBLM…3rd sect 306b MNFC Portland…89th open 4427b MNFC Portland…1st club 203b, 6th fed 856b…1st club 176b,3rd fed 790b…1st club 350b, 14th Amal 2057b…1st club 54b, 1st fed 190b, 1st Amal 525b, 1st Lancs Combine 691b Gold medal winner…1st club 402b, 11th fed 815b, 15th Amal 2885b…1st club 240b, 1st fed 414b, 1st Amal 1908b…1st club 246b, 1st fed 470b, 4th Amal 2105b…1st club 167b, 1st fed 377b…1st club 373b,1st fed 893b…1st club 110b, 1st fed 680b…4TH Todmorden B/B   2015 winning £400…1st Waterloo 2-bird Club B/B winner in 2015 winning £1000…1st Sect NRCC 434b, Berwick 2018 for D Perry….1st open NRCC 1257b, Berwick 2018 for D Perry…1st Waterloo 2 bird club 2016…1st Waterloo BB £1000 2016…1ST Club 403b, (raced by Fleming & Son Todmorden HS)…1st Fed704b, (raced by Fleming & Son Todmorden HS)…1st Amal 2443b (raced by Fleming & Son Todmorden HS)…1st Amal 1471b (Martindale & Lawman)…1st Amal 2197b (Martindale & Lawman)…4th Tod BB £600 2017…3rd Amal 3395b




So , ‘Doran’ proved herself as a really top breeding hen. There was also many more top results from her and her descendants when paired to other cocks as well. But we have to stop somewhere.

What was also quite remarkable is we only had her in our breeding loft until 2010, so a total of four breeding seasons!

Then in a total moment of madness we sold her to Great Wall Lofts in China at six years old.

Some decisions we get right but that one was wrong.