*This is Special One bred by Jan Hooymans direct from Harry and he is the grand father of NL18-3811027. 1st Peronne 415 birds & 2nd Quivrain 465 birds in two races! Special One has been a great success with various hens in his short breeding career.  

We entered a few late breds into the Natour program in the last few weeks and they have been coming very well.

The best late one so far is a small checker hen NL18-3811027.

Two weeks ago from Quievrain she won 2nd Club 465 birds, and 11th Combine 3,799 birds. Then last Saturday she scored from Peronne 1st Club 415 birds,5th Combine 3,608 birds, 82nd Provincial 17,474 birds.

Very pleasing of course in her only two races!

We hope a new talent for the future.


Son Kanon bred by Danny Van Dyck. He has developed into a very decent breeder for us. He is grandfather of NL18-3811027 and also Garry Inkley’s 1st NFC Young Bird National Winner last year and Steve Guildea’s 5th Midlands National winner also last season.

This beautiful hen is Claudia grand dam of NL18-311027 . Sadly Claudia is no more …she died last year..