Had a nice telephone conversation this morning with John Winstanley from Wigan reporting his fantastic result from Nort Sur Erde in last Saturdays NFC race.

John timed his hen at 426 miles to win 1st Section L , 3rd Open against over 3000 birds.

His winner is a five year old hen with plenty of previous results and this was her last race before retirement.

Breeding of his hen is from Curtis Wall and Lunt bloodlines that have been exceptional for him and a hen that John bought from us when he visted a few years ago with our mutal buddy the sadly missed Albert Tarleton. She is from Bronco  bred by Jan and Rik Hermans from their superstar hen COWGIRL paired to LITTLE STAR a daughter of the legendry DI CAPRIO bred and raced by Leo Heremans and owned by the late Dirk Van Dyck.

Must also say, how proud we are to be responsible for bloodlines to win 1st Section B, 1st Section J, 1st Section E and 1st Section L  ranging from 230 miles to 430 miles with all finishing in the top 7 of the open from Nort Sur Erdre in four very different areas South East, South West,Midlands and the North West in a truly classic hard working National Flying Club Race.

Bronco  bred for the classic races 200 to 500 miles.

Mario & Little Star two very special nest mates…