In 2014 we published an article reporting on the fabulous ‘De 261’ bred and raced by the German Champion Gunther Prange. It was not only his race results 10 x 1st prizes Combine from 150 km to 550 km that was of great interest to us, but his bloodline was proven over many generations against very tough German competition.

‘De 261’…


His origin is Koopman through the basic breeders Beatrix Doffer and Branco crossed with a little Delbar and a small amount of direct Van Loon via BE99-6552493 who is also a full sister to the mother of the celebrated ‘Birdy’ that flew so well in the SAMDPR.

On his dams side of the pedigree he is direct from ‘DV02098-99-1000’ ‘The 1000 Hen’  a daughter of the Prange world renowned cock ‘Ringlose Number 12’ one of the very best stock sires not only in Germany but around Europe.

‘Ringlose’ is Sire of:                                                                                                                                                   ‘802’ 1st German As Pigeon 2001                                                                                                                                ‘1009’ 1st German As Pigeon 2003.                                                                                                                          ‘Ringlose’ is Grand Sire of:                                                                                                                                       ‘1011’ 1st German As Pigeon 2001 (Beumer-Sandbothe)                                                                                   ‘388’ 1st German As Pigeon 2005 (Toni von Ravenstein).

‘Der 261’ was the winner of:
*1st 4,379 b 319km
*1st 4,016 b 543 km
*1st 2,345 b 261 km
*1st 2,111 b 370 km
*1st 1,934 b 169 km
*1st 1,906 b 262 km
*1st 1,491 b 342 km
*1st 1,386 b 366 km
*1st 903 b 455 km
*1st 770 b 288 km

The mother of ‘Der 261’ ‘The 1000′ DV02098-99-1000’ also bred the dam of ‘Der 520’ winner of:         *1st Combine 680 km
*1st Combine 630 km
*1st Combine 350km
*1st Combine 340 km
*1st Combine 340 km
*1st Combine 260 km
Plus 4 x 2nd Combine Average 1,600 birds!

So as you can read, the performances of this bloodline are quite incredible by any standards.

The only problem we had was to try to source direct stock from ‘Der 261’ as they were in great demand in Germany and to our great disappointment he also went infertile very young. So we were very happy indeed when we could by ‘Miss Meppen’ via our friend Jo Herbots. Not only is she a stunning beauty of a hen, but she was one of the very last bred from ‘Der 261’ so has plenty of time on her side and her mother was also bred in the ‘purple’ being a double grand daughter of ‘Ringlose’.

The pedigree of ‘Miss Meppen’….