This bold chap guarding his nest is PROPERE RIK quite simply an exceptional breeding cock bred by Jan and Rik Hermans from PROPERE x KLEINE MARTINE. 

PROPERE RIK can and does breed good ones with most hens of most good middle distance lines. 

This weekend he is grandsire of 1st Section , 5th Open NFC Guernsey for C and J Howse against 4367 birds and his granddaughter bred 1st NIPA Penzance 3,850 including winning 1st Penzance Classic 1,697 birds for P and K McCarthy.  


Who wouldn’t like a message like this? Paul McCarthy message:

“Hi Peter,

Hope your keeping well.

Just some information about a nest pair bred from one of your  birds and one of our old Wildermeersch lines.

Blue Cock 21N20210:

1st Club,3rd Section 933 birds,19th Open Fermoy 6,751 birds.

1st Club , 2nd Section 343 birds, 13th Open Skibbereen YL National NIPA 2,128 birds,

Blue Checker Hen 21N20209:

5th Club, 8th Section 2,731 birds, 37th Open Corrin 21,930 birds.

1st Club, 1st Section 630 birds, 1st Open NIPA Penzance 3,850 birds.

1st Section, 1st Open Penzance Classic 1,697 birds.

Sire: IHU15N08180

Dam: GB18F28348

GB18F28348 dam of P and K McCarthy’s 1st Open NIPA Penzance 3850 birds 17th June 2022.

Our second bird in this weekends  Penzance race winning 2nd Club, 21st Section,64th Open Penzance Classic 1,697 birds is from GB20V56202 an GB20V56627. Thank you Paul.”

GB20V56202 sire of P and K McCarthy’s second timer from Penzance.

GB20V56627 dam of P and K McCarthy’s second timer from Penzance.


Top flying Paul by any standards and many thanks once again for the report.

I must also say , the retention and cultivation of the old winning Frans Van Wildermeersch bloodlines can only be admired by myself. I read the articles in the RP when I was a kid in the late sixties and early seventies about Van Wildermeesrch , Busschaert, Meulemans and many of those exceptional fanciers who made a difference and could only dream of aspiring to them.  Most fanciers move onto the next big thing or fashion. But retaining the old proven winning lines and trying to improve them by crossing, racing and selecting and then winning the top races with the offspring can only be applauded as a true fancier and stockman.   Congratulations … Peter