Race One of the Pattaya International One Loft Pigeon Race took place on 21st December 2021 from 330 km.

Our small team once again produced an early one with Blue Hen GB21V38468 the daughter of Little Big Man (Propere 10 x Foxy Lady) x Ariel (Rik Hermans) scoring 3rd UK, 144th International against 5167 birds. This is the third time this hen has been our first bird and this week she won the £120 pool. ‘Every Little Helps’! A very well done to Ian Hunter and G and K Jones who also continue a consistent series of races.

  • First Race 330 km.

  • Release Point: Kapchoeng District Surin Province
  • Distance: 330 km
  • Release Time: 21.12.2021 07:10:00 (GMT +7:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 5167
  • arrived Pigeons: 4919
  • expected Pigeons: 248
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First Race 330 km. Result List
Rank Fancier Team Country Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min] Pigeon Name
110 IAN HUNTER [S-TEAM A] England SU 21-NW4926 21.12.2021 10:57:23.69 1451.2203
115 GRAHAM AND KEITH JONES (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-N48539 21.12.2021 10:57:25.27 1451.0523
144 SYNDICATE LOFTS U.K (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-V38462 21.12.2021 10:57:39.75 1449.5141

GB21V38462 3rd UK,56th Pattaya International International Training Race 245 km… 3rd UK,144th International 5167 birds in Race 1…


Race Two took place on 29th December from 440 km and it was a very testing race indeed.

We are again very happy indeed with our Blue Checker Hen GB21V38468  scoring 4th UK 261st International against 4937 birds and winning the £150 pool..

This hen has been very consistent in all trainers and races moving up the positions every week. Just what we all hope for with the final just around the corner.  Just hope the final is not too fast.

She is bred from Yuri a son of the super cock Uranus of Willem de Bruijn paired to Treasure a daughter of Spidey of Luc and Hilde Sioen. Yuri when coupled to a daughter of De Bruijn’s Murphy’s Law also bred our early bird in the Algarve Golden Race this year once again on a very tough day with a headwind and heat from over 500km. Similar conditions to Pattaya.  Maybe we can hope for a top 200 finish in the final that from a starting entry of over 8000 birds with our small team of 8 would be a dream for us. You never know!!

We must give an extra special mention to Dudley Lever this week winning 1st UK and 1st Open against 4937 birds winning the tidy sum of $15,000. Dudley is as keen as mustard for these kind of races and is always in the reckoning when the going gets tough.

  • Second Race 430 km.

  • Release Point: Phayu District SiSaKet Province

  • Distance: 430 km
  • Release Time: 29.12.2021 08:05:00 (GMT +7:00)
  • basketed Pigeons: 4937
  • arrived Pigeons: 2250
  • expected Pigeons: 2687
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Second Race 430 km. Result List
Rank Fancier Team Country Pigeon Arrival Speed [m/min] Pigeon Name
1 DUDLEY LEVER (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-N32516 29.12.2021 12:56:04.38 1477.2926
107 TEAM LOCKDOWN [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-R08089 29.12.2021 13:23:41.64 1349.2567
171 RITA PAUL JIM (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM A] England GB 21-V85524 29.12.2021 13:25:35.01 1341.3042
261 SYNDICATE LOFTS U.K (L-TEAM A) [S-TEAM B] England GB 21-V38468 29.12.2021 13:28:57.98 1327.2984

Blue Ch. Hen GB21V38468 creeping higher up the result every week and this week scored 4th UK,261st International against 4937 birds…