Our second race of the season was from Peronne a distance of around 250 km to Nieuwendijk.

Club 428 birds…2nd,3rd,6th,16th,28th,29th

Combine 4008 birds…40th,41st,64th

Provincial 19,963 birds …21 prizes from 42 entries starting with 224th,228th

Our first bird this week was NL20-1581102 a winner last season of 1st club Morlincourt against 431 birds scoring 38th Combine against 3529 birds and also scored 26th Combine Bierges in the first race of last season against 3561 birds. Breeding is through yet another good Peter Theunis breeder new to the stock loft with a a full sister of 1st Middle Distance Ace Union de Baronie 2016.

This weeks first bird NL20-1581102


Second bird for us this week was NL18-5191588 that also won 33rd Combine last week from Quivrain against 4088 birds and this week 41st Combine Peronne against 4008 birds. He is a fantastic racer winning multiple early prizes and was also 13th Ace Pigeons Middle Distance Union de Baronie 2019 against over 250 members. He was bred from a son of our 7 x 1st winning son of ‘Topstar’ when coupled to ‘Chayenne’ our 4 x 1st winning daughter of our top breeder ‘Max’ a son of Nieuwe Rossi x Eenoogske.

NL-18-5191588 – our second bird this week.


Our third bird this week was NL20-1581151 a young blue hen that won 1st Chateaudun for us last year being bred from our top racer ‘Cesar’ when he was coupled with a daughter of ‘Zapata’ (Bandit x Moonglow) x Sister Sphinx of Rik Hermans.

Our third arrival this week and previous winner of 1st Chadeaudun 131 birds…10th Federation 1333 birds…56th National NPO 6277 birds.

Our fourth and fifth arrivals were two nest sisters NL20-2009611 and NL20-2009612 that won 1st Quievrain for us last week both bred from ‘Special One’ our special breeding son of ‘Harry’.


Many Congratulations must be given by us to our friend Peter Embregts Theunis from Hoeven on a spectacular performance yesterday even by his own standards in this same Peronne race against 19,963 birds winning 1st,2nd,3rd and for good measure 14th,15th,20th,22nd,27th,43rd,45th,50th,52nd and so on .  His first three birds were of his renowned Super Rossi bloodline but interestingly his first and third birds were of a new cross with Willem de Bruijn. The winner was bred by Willem direct from Uranus with daughter Super Rossi, second bird was from a son of Super Rossi and his third was from Lichte Super Rossi with a co breeding daughter of Murphys Law. Fantastic flying by a fantastic fancier.