Phil and Neil once again achieve another outstanding performance in the Wrexham Federations Littlehampton Old Bird Race on 9th July 2022 against 789 birds on a testing day.

The first two birds were the same two birds that won 1st and 2nd Section W in the NFC Guernsey race in May of this year. That was another tricky race , so these two birds are ‘Horses For Courses’!

Winner is a three year old hen with plenty of ‘Previous’. She is also bred from an established proven bloodlines that have bred a number of good performers for them.

Sire is a son of BLUE STAR bred by Mike Ganus from the world renowned MONA LISA when he was coupled to the DOUBLE ROCKET HEN a daughter of WAR DRUM when he was coupled to his half sister a daughter of GRANGER (Son Rocket).

War Drum our top breeding cock and direct sire of 14 x 1st Federation winners. His winning grandchildren are countless however two of them won the Heart of England Gold Ring Race and the Stourport Gold Ring Race for Price Price Brothers and Son plus 1st Hill Ridware Breeder Buyer on the same day for R&G Jones and Batt.

Dam of the Littlehampton winner is Phil and Neil’s ‘BONNY HEN’ a really top breeder and dam of many winners including Wrexham Federation’s Fougeres race and many more. She is actually a full sister to ‘Basil, The Flying Machine’ bred by Syndicate Lofts and raced by Garry Inkley winner of 13 x 1st prizes! This line is once again ‘OUTLAW’ on both her sire and dams side with YOUNG COUPLE.

Phil and Neils ‘Bonny Hen’ is a full sister to ‘Basil’…The Racing Machine. This line is devoloping into one of the very best we have and is of course a continuation of our orginal Young Couple and Outlaw blood. Nothing better for testing races when individuals are needed. 

We are very thankful to have preserved this line with the help of Garry, Phil and Neil and still are 100% sure there is no better lines for National and Classic racing when the conditions are not easy.

Phil and Neil’s second arrival for 2nd Federation is another hen with previous form from a very special line indeed. Sire is Phil and Neil’s ‘TEOFILO COCK’ that has proven his worth for almost ten years now. He is a son of our original TEOFILO. Dam of their second arrival is a very special breeding hen indeed  ‘JENNIFER LOPEZ’ a daughter of PROPERE RIK and SUNDAY GIRL. JENNIFER LOPEZ has bred a host of top performers for them.

Her first youngster was ‘HANDSOME HARRY’ that as a youngster in 2015 won   1st Club,2nd North East Wales and West Wirral Fed and 2nd Flint Gold Ring race from West Bay only beaten by a fancier flying 14 miles shorter and in the east.

As a yearling ‘Handsome Harry’ won 1st Wrexham and District Federation from Messac 380 miles when 46 members sent 378 birds with a speed of 1154 ypm flying almost 12 hours on the wing.

In 2017 ‘Handsome Harry’ won 1st Wrexham and District Fed from Fougeres 350 miles when 62 members sent 463 birds in another good working race of over 9 and a half hours.

JENNIFER LOPEZ also bred ‘Chip Shop Pete’ who won the very tough Carentan race in the hugely competitive Chester and District 2 bird Championship Club in 2016 as a yearling.

Top fliers with top bloodlines can only mean one thing…Top Results.

Congratulations once again boys!