*Outlaw a son of Reynaerts famous ‘Figo’ was without any doubt one of our best ever breeders into the third and fourth generation for many fanciers at all levels.

Saturday 11th August saw the Wrexham and District Feds young bird race from Monmouth take place. Winning 1st , 2nd & 5th Fed when 79 members sent 1,939 birds are the ‘Chip Shop Boys’ Phil and Neil Bates from Bagillt.

The winner was bred from a son of ‘Outlaw’ when paired to ‘Lady King’a daughter of ‘The Young Couple’ that was a great racer in her own right winning  3rd National NPO Mantes La Jolie 4.354 birds (1st Club 261 b)
(2nd Sect. 1.104 b),  54th National NPO Orleans 14.392 birds (6th Fed 945 b) (17th Sect. 3.421b), 86th National NPO Bourges 10.590 birds (1st Club 134b) (21st Sect. 2.245b) , 124th National NPO Argenton 8.338 birds (39th Sect 1.804b) , 215th National NPO Sezanne 18.733 birds (23rd Sect 1.296b), 22nd Combine St.Quentin 6.876 birds, 26th Combine St.Quentin 1.811 birds, 39th Combine St.Quentin 7.254 birds, 59th Combine Morlincourt 1.976 birds & 62nd Combine Strombeek 8.384 birds.

Mother of Phil and Neil’s winner is a daughter of ‘Blue Star’ a direct son of the Mike Ganus super hen ‘Mona Lisa’ when coupled with ‘Mary Kate’ a daughter of ‘Casanova’ a 1st Dutch National Ace winner coupled with a daughter of ‘Topo’ another 1st Dutch National Ace winner.

‘Blue Star’ together with his brother ‘Blue Mike’ both really good breeders including the mother of this weeks 1st Fed Monmouth for Phil Bates and Son against almost 2000 birds!.


Phil and Neil’s second bird on a decimal for 2nd Fed was an ‘F’ ring breeder buyer bred by Mr and Mrs Hughes the top racing partnership from Flint.

Phil and Neil’s third arrival for 5th Fed  was bred from a son of Propere Rik x Alicia (Daughter Bulldozer of Verkerk x a daughter of Bronco ( son of Cowgirl Rik Hermans) x Athenas Best (Daughter Athena Rik Hermans).

Once again we must offer many congratulations to Phil and Neil on another outstanding performance!