‘Picanol’ was the first champion bred from Kleinen the legendry Gaby Vandenabeele foundation breeder and his offspring really hit the Bulls Eye .

In the late eighties and early nintees it became very clear how strong this line would become and Mike Ganus decided to secure as many of direct children as possible as they became available. That amounted to quite a number.

They subsequently found their way to our breeding loft in North Wales together with a few children direct from Kleinen and many direct from Wittenbuik and were quite incredible.

One of these was ACHILLES bred  directly from Picanaol and the image of his famous father.

Achilles bred by Gaby Vandenabeele from  Picanol.

ACHILLES when paired to SAPPHIRE a daughter of WITTENBUIK x Daughter PICANOL  bred our own foundation breeder GALLLEO who would be paired to a daughter of the famous KANNIBAAL of Dirk Van Dyke and would become our very top pair THE YOUNG COUPLE.

Again he  would be instantly recognisable of the original Picanol and Kleinen line thatand was a type that we continued to try to breed.

Further details of the results from the descendants of THE YOUNG COUPLE are detailed in the following link: https://www.syndicatelofts.com/the-young-couple/


The offspring of THE YOUNG COUPLE would be quite phenomenal from the very start and the first two we bred from GALILEO was SYNDICATE LUCKY CHARM and SYNDICATE MISTRESS who both scored well on two different continents. That would be just the beginning…

Syndicate Mistress

Syndicate Lucky Charm

As you can see from the photographs of these two hens, they are again true to type.

Over twenty years later the same bloodlines contrinue to win at the very highest level, if anything they even improve and are stronger than they ever was.

We have of course retained the bloodline down over the years carefully trying to retain the type and we have a top selection of young breeders in our current breeding plans.

We have great hopes for the THOMAS 6 bloodlines down through ROMARIO another descendant of PICANOL  and with Mikes help we have some incredible specimens to work with

We also include here a photo and pedigree of CINDERELLA one of the hens we retained to cross with the THOMAS 6 lines and once again the type is still a testament to the original KLEINEN  blood of Gaby Vandenabeele.

Cinderella still true to type…


Cinderella’s pedigree with GALILLEO on both sides…