This shot was taken at the racing lofts in Nieuwendijk last Saturday 31st March.

The weather was cold as you can probably guess from the picture and it was a tough contest from Nivelles a distance of 138 km for the second race of the year.

The winner of the club against 297 birds also taking 1st Fed against 1191 birds (3rd Combine 4300 + birds) was a son of Diamond Sissi our great racing hen now at stock.

The first race of the season the week before was from Strombeek a distance of 100km. The winner was a good two year old a previous winner from Young King and Chanel against 364 birds taking 2nd Fed against 1242 birds.

In the shot from left to right..Peter ~ Jim Ward (Chicago)~Mike ~ Hans Colijn ~ Al Hillaert (Indiana). Thanks to Matt Weisbrock (No fixed abode) for the snap.