Yesterday was the Pt St Max young bird race a distance of approx 320 km to Nieuwendijk. It was a very fast race and we are very happy to have all birds home.

Teun Versteeg was an easy club winner today however once again we are very pleased with the team performance with eight birds in the top 1000 Combine, and all of our earliest birds were scoring for the first time.

Club 413 birds…2nd,8th,10th,11th,17th etc

Union de Baronie 3106 birds…19th , 34th,39th,40th,75th,84th,87th,96th…

Brabant 2000 16,292 birds…58th,104th,121st,122nd etc


Our first bird GB20V56120 bred from ‘Algoar’ bred by Rik Hermans and also grand sire of Morris and Pugh’s ‘Peters Pied’ 1st Welsh South East National and 1st Welsh South East Combine Hythe against over 6000 birds. Bloodlines are the well known ‘Jonge Samson’ ‘Beautifly’, ‘Cowgirl’ and ‘Di Caprio’.

Second bird NL20-1581116 has the famous ‘Harry’ of Jan Hooymans on both sides of his pedigree being bred from a direct Hooymans cock and ‘Kate’ a beautiful daughter of’Mario’ one of our original direct children of ‘Di Caprio’  with ‘Sunday Girl’ our top breeding direct daughter of ‘Harry’.

A beautifull young hen from Mario (son Di Caprio ) and Sunday Girl…


Third bird NL20-1581154 was a gift from friend Peter Theunis.

Fourth bird was GB20V56136 from ‘Blue Mike’ a really good breeding son of ‘Mona Lisa’  Mike Ganus’s elite breeding hen paired with ‘Serena’ one of the last daughters of ‘Granger (Son Rocket) and a daughter of ‘Drum’.

‘Blue Star’ together with his brother ‘Blue Mike’ both really good breeders including the mother of 1st Fed Monmouth for Phil Bates and Son against almost 2000 birds!.