Blue Cock …1st MCC Guernsey Race for Price brothers and Son.  Sire is a son of WAR DRUM and dam is a daughter of Propere 10 x Foxy Lady.

The second Midlands Continental Classic of 2022 Guernsey 2 was flown on the 4th June 2022.

Very well done to Price Brothers and Son of Stourport winning 1st and 2nd Section..1st and 29th open.

The first bird is a blue cock GB19N55703 with a lot of previous top results so was naturally pooled heavily and did not disappoint.

His sire is a son of War Drum that was raced by Price Brothers and Son to win 1st Worcester Federation from Frome against 4516 birds and of course many other early prizes. Dam of this cock was one of Steve’s good Heremans Ceusters hens that have done well for him for years.

Dam of the winner is a daughter of Propere 10 and Foxy Lady. This hen is turning into a goldmine having also bred a yearling hen to win 3 x 2nd Federations each time beaten by loft mates.

What a gene pool!

War Drum our top breeding cock and direct sire of 14 x 1st Federation winners. His winning grandchildren are countless however two of them won the Heart of England Gold Ring Race and the Stourport Gold Ring Race for Price Price Brothers and Son plus 1st Hill Ridware Breeder Buyer on the same day for R&G Jones and Batt. He is the sire of 1st Worcester Fed Frome 4516 birds that in turn bred Price Brothers and Sons 1st Midlands Continental Classic Guernsey 2 race on 4th June 2022.  The golden winning genes of War Drum just gets better and better.

‘Propere 10’ one of our very best breeders and has an incredible success rate with various hens in a short time. Testament to the strength of the ‘Propere’ bloodline of Jan and Rik Hermans. He is sire of Tim Atkin’s good ‘Propere 10’ cock sire of 3 x 1st & 1 x 2nd Section I NFC in two seasons plus 10 x 1st Federation winners. He also bred Dave Rothwell’s very good cock ‘Propere Charlie’ responsible for 14 x 1st prize winners with four different hens. The late Tam Blair from Scotland bought the first one from PROPERE 10 that bred him 1st North West Fed Alnwick against 1,106 birds in his first year. Miles Foster Sons and Daughters own BLUE FOX a son of PROPERE 10 that bred 1st Prize in the Algarve Great Derby One Loft Race Hot Spot 3 from Vimierio against 2137 entries. Their pigeon ‘White Cap’ also won 8th Prize in the Hot Spot 2 from Evora against 2205 entries the week before. What is quite exceptional is Foster Sons and Daughter won the 1st in the RPRA One Loft Race Hot Spot 2 against 799 birds from Ashbourne against 799 entries with a full brother to ‘White Cap’. So two siblings won two 1st Hot Spots in two different One Loft races in two different countries within two weeks. Another full brother  to these also won 9th prize in the Final Race and 5th Ace Pigeon in the 2019 RPRA One Loft Race.                                          He is also the sire of Steve Price’s great breeding hen when coupled to Foxy Lady that bred the Guernsey 2 M.C.C.C. winner 4th June 2022.

Foxy Lady a champion racing hen in the real sense of the word and probably an even better breeder.


Steves second bird in the clock from Guernsey 2 winning 2nd Section and 29th Open was a blue hen bred from a Ray Forbes Soontjen Cock paired to a daughter of Blue Mike bred by Mike Ganus from Mona Lisa his number one breeding hen of all time paired to Mata Hari our top breeding daughter of Outlaw x Zelda the daughter of The Young Couple.

Many congratulations indeed.