Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) ~ SORRY OUT OF STOCK.

Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) ~ SORRY OUT OF STOCK.

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A prophylactic against bacterially-induced intestinal diseases


Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) is composed, just as is Probac Oregano Oil, of essential oils to facilitate digestion, albeit in water-soluble form. These essential oils possess an unbelievably good prophylactic effect on pathogenic bacteria such as coccidian, hexamites, E. coli, salmonellae, streptococcus, chalmydia and coryne bacteria as well as round worms and various fungi such as aspergillums, candida and actinonmycetes.

In addition to this, the secondary phytochemicals contained in Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) stimulate bile- and enzyme production in the digestive tract and thus improve digestion. Fewer harmful metabolized products accumulate, the digestion of nutrients is optimized, the natural intestinal flora is regenerated and the immune system strengthened.

Malfunctioning digestion is a precursor for numerous pathogenic micro organisms and endoparasites. Especially in situations of extreme stress such as travel, breeding and moulting, dyspepsia and, in extreme cases, diarrhoea can result. During travel a loss of performance is the consequence, during breeding it manifests itself in growth retardation among young birds (often accompanied by watermarking on the wings). During moult damage to feathers becomes apparent (transversal stripes in the pinfeathers and quills, watermarking as well as crippled feathers).

Additional applications:
Because of its specific effectiveness Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) compliments almost ideally the probiotic bacteria contained in Probac 1000 or Probac Energy. The oregano “cleans out”, so to speak, the intestinal tract. So that the beneficial bacteria contained in Probac can quickly re-colonize it. It is therefore recommended that these products be administered together successively. This is also recommended after the use of antibiotics or chemotherapeutics or after immunizations as well as during breeding or moulting periods. This combination has proven itself especially valuable in the prevention of fledgling disease (adenoma).

Used during resting periods, the regular administration of Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) represents an optimal way of keeping pigeons quite healthy without allowing them to reach top fitness prematurely. Incidentally, Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%) can be easily combined with iodine products such as Blitz, Blitzform or De Reiger. You only have to add the iodine product to the same drinking water. Excellent prevention of fungi infections is also attained with Endosan (Fluid oregano 10%).
It is therefore recommended that 1 ml of Endosan plus 3ml of Blitz be added to 1 litre of drinking water as a prophylactic two days per week year-round. This should always be followed by the administration of 5g of Probac 1000 per litre of drinking water for two days.

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