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Secondary plant and fiber to regulate the water in the gastro-intestinal tract


Phytonutrients in the body fluids plays a very important role for the health and performance of the racing pigeon . Excessive water loss washes out essential nutrients and minerals and weakens the metabolism. Phyto contains a number of secondary plant and source materials that has exactly the properties to regulate the body fluid balance. Administering Phyto develops well-bound “globular” droppings that are always a sign of perfect health.

Recommended Use: Bond 5 – 10 g of Phyto to 1kg of feed 2-3 times a week.

Phyto mixture contains various secondary plant and source materials, such as chicory, carob and apple pectin that regulates the fluids in the entire stomach and intestinal area. In addition, it reduces the symptoms of diarrhea.
In the application of phyto you can quickly reach a highly improved condition of the pigeons. The administration is therefore specially recommended for diarrhea or sporadically occurring thin and watery faeces.
Highly recommended is the regular use of phyto to dry the feed in the rearing phase. The young pigeons develop well and the droppings around the nest are always dry and healthy.

In the race season, we recommend Phyto-bonding the night before the basketing for the flight.The secondary plant substances helps the regeneration after a hard flight and quickly returns the pigeons back in good order.


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