Probac 1000

Probac 1000


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Probiotic Electrolyte for the regeneration of intestinal flora . After treatment with antibiotics – after vaccination – after competitive flight.


Stress, dietary change or antibiotic therapy rapidly lead to changes in the natural intestinal flora. Food is no longer digested optimally, the immune system is weakened and the pigeon loses its ability to repel
intestinal diseases.

The regular application of Probac 1000 increases natural resistance to disease and pathogenic bacteria such as coccidian, hexamites, E.coli, candida and salmonellae, and thus deter intestinal diseases.

Probac 1000 is the ideal electrolyte for post-competitive flight use due to its specific composition, It is therefore recommended that pigeons be administered Probac 1000 directly upon return as well as on the
following day.

To achieve the effects described above, an adequate concentration and a methodical administration is of utmost importance. For this reason a single gram (1g) of Probac 1000 contains more than 1.5 billion
bacteria endemic to the pigeon and capable of colony establishment in the small intestine. Recommended dosage is twice weekly 5g of Probac 1000 in 1 litre of water or 1 kg of feed for 25 pigeons per day.
This will insure that each individual pigeon will ingest more that 300 million bacteria per day. With each feeding the intestine is thus flooded with bacteria.

Additional applications:

Following antibiotic treatment, Probac 1000 should always be administered for 3 – 5 days to replace destroyed intestinal flora. After immunisations for paramyxoviros, Paratyphus, or pox, Probac 1000 is superbly suited to alleviating the reaction to the immunisation in the pigeon and inducing growth in the damaged intestinal flora.

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