Probac Lecithin Oil…

Probac Lecithin Oil…


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High-grade energy-oil with essential long-chain polyunsaturated fatty acid


Probac Lecithin Oil is a highly-concentrated Lecithin supplement (55%), enriched with essential poly-unsaturated fatty acids as well as with the growth vitamin E.
Lecithin is one of the most valuable natural active substances and belongs to the fundamental components of all cells. It is necessary for the continual renewal of all body- and nerve cells and is involved with various metabolic processes.
The more important a cell, a tissue or a bodily fluid is, the higher its lecithin content. Brain-, nerve-, sperm-, blood-, heart-, and liver cells, milk and foremost egg yolk (10% lecithin) contain high concentrations of lecithin. Lecithin also possesses powerful emulsifying, i.e. intermediary properties in solutions.

Of all nutriments lecithin is the most important and the most decisive catalyst and factor in metabolism.

The most important components of lecithin are choline and inositol. These inhibit the fatty degeneration of the liver and kidneys. A deficiency in them leads to damage of the liver and a retardation of growth. Although choline is assigned to the group of B-vitamins, it is more of a fat and is involved, together with vitamin C, L-carnitin and the hormone ACTH, with the metabolism of fats. Inositol, on the other hand, is involved with the metabolism of protein and fosters optimal feather development. In addition to this, it aids in the distribution of bodily fat.

The essential fatty acid (vitamin F) contained in Probac Lecithin Oil is absolutely vital to life, as it cannot be produced by the organism itself, and strongly enhances performance (omega-3 and/or omega-6). These play a crucial role in the metabolism from which the pigeon gets its energy to fly. The vitamin E which is also contained in Probac Lecithin Oil protects other vitamins from oxidation (anti-oxidants) and promotes activity in the gonads.

Therapeutic indications:
The administration of Probac Lecithin Oil is especially recommended during all periods of extreme physical stress. It improves the regenerative properties and precludes a decline in performance. During breeding Probac Lecithin Oil insures a significantly better hatching rate. It also improves the consumption of nutrients by fledglings and promotes optimal growth and feather quality.
Probac Lecithin Oil ideally supplements the effectiveness of Probac Energy. For this reason it is recommended that these two products be administered together in all periods of stress e.g. breeding, travel, and moulting.
Following antibiotic or chemotherapeutic treatments or immunisations Probac Lecithin Oil and Probac Energy should be administered for two days.
The use of this combination has proven itself especially successful during the breeding of fledglings. The good general care in providing all of the essential nutrients during the breeding of fledglings prevents outbreaks of fledgling’s disease (adenoma) and reduces fatalities due to it.
It is recommended that in all periods of stress a kilogram of feed be moistened with 5ml of Probac Lecithin Oil, combined with 5g of Probac Energy and bonded with Probac Green Healing-Earth 2-3 times per week for 25 birds per day.

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