Probac Oregano Oil

Probac Oregano Oil


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Antibacterial – active energy-oil with complementary herbal elements for the prevention of bacterially induced intestinal diseases.


PROBAC Oregano oil contains digestive essential oils of the oregano plant as well as all essential fatty acids. These especially stimulate bile production and enzyme secretion in the intestinal tract, thus optimising digestion. Fewer harmful metabolic products accumulate, food is better utilized and the immune system is strengthened.

The particular efficiency of Probac Oregano Oil is based on the complementary herbal components it contains. These have a prophylactic effect on pathogenic bacteria such as coccidian, hexamites, E. coli, salmonellae, streptococcus, chalmydia, and coryne bacteria as well as on round worms and various fungi such as aspergillums, candida and actinomycetes.

They facilitate the digestive process, stabilize intestinal flora and fortify the immune system.

Because of its specific functionality Probac Oregano Oil lends itself almost ideally as a supplement to the probiotic bacteria contained in Probac 1000. The oil “cleans out” as it were the intestinal tract so that the beneficial bacteria contained in Probac can recolonize it. It is therefore recommended that these products be implemented in combination with each other.

Additional applications

Probac Oregano Oil is suitable for use year-round as an enhancement to the effective properties of Probac 1000. The use of Probac Oregano Oil is also recommended after the use of antibiotics or chemotherapeutics, after immunisations as well as during breeding or moult periods. Thus it is recommended that two or three times a week 5 ml of the oil be added to 1 kilogram of feed for 25 pigeons per day to moisten it combined with 5 g of Probac 1000 and bonded with Probac Green Healing-Earth.

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