The Duif Chronicles – Vol. 1

The Duif Chronicles – Vol. 1

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The ‘Duif’ is the worlds oldest and most respected pigeon sport magazine, published in Antwerp, the cradle of the sport, since 1888. It continues to report the up to date news on a weekly basis, written by the principle pigeon sport journalists.



Now for the first time we publish a 516 page, English language publication that details news stories about Leo Heremans…Andre Roodhooft…Jespers Van der Wegen…Wouters -Coremans…P&J Roziers…Jos Thone…G&S Verkerk….Michael Van Lint etc.

We report on the winning bloodlines, motivation systems, medication and feeding of the 2009 International winners from Pau, Barcelona, Marseille, Perpignan, Tarbes, Narbonne and also all Belgian Old Bird, Yearling and Young Birds National winners… the winners of the Dutch Nationals from Blois, Chateauroux, Saint Vincent, Orleans Derby…and much more!

Auction report for themost prestigious auction of the year….the “Gouden Duif” auction…the top fanciers are honoured to be invited to donate just one pigeon for this auction…we publish the entire sale list with all prices raised…we also present a report on the Kees Bosua auction that includes the story of the career of this world class fancier since he was eight years old !!

The author Columbus considered one of the top writers of our generation presents…’Jan Theelen, The story of an ordinary guy’.. this work is a modern masterpiece in six chapters and includes archive material only available to ‘De Duif’ for over 100 years to illustrate this story.. we also include his superb stories about the Cattrysse Brothers.. JosCarlens…Alois Stichelbaut – Descamps Van Hasten and Dr.Bricoux.

The famous pigeon journalist Ad Schaerlaeckens writes exculsively for ‘The ‘Duif’…we include many new articles in which he is at his most humorous….sarcatistic…informative…and outspoken…and it is only in ‘The Duif Chronicles’ that you can read his best articles of the year.

ALL this and much,much more…..Buy it now!


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