This fine young gentleman holding ‘Proper Charlie’ is  Joseph Rothwell just turned 8 years old and has the world at his feet and in his hands.

Joseph has just signed a contract with Liverpool FC as a goalkeeper and I must offer the proud Father Dave many congratulations and young James the best of luck in his career.   Joseph is also a fearless young boxer and keen on the pigeons as well.  

I am certain we will be hearing a lot more of him in future years.


Had a very welcome message from Dave Rothwell from Liverpool with an update on the winning performances of his very good breeder ‘Proper Charlie’.

Pedigree of ‘Proper Charlie’ demonstrating the policy of loading the pedigree of an individual pigeon with as many winning DNA as possible.

He has now bred 14 x 1st prize winners in four seasons with four different hens for S.Rothwell and Son , John Rimmer (Vauxhall H.S), D.Byrne (Ireland) , and Colin Yates (Croxteth H.S)….and it was a 2021 late bred cock GB21C34951 bred in August last year and gifted to Colin from Dave that is responsible for the latest win having scored 1st club,2nd Liverpool Amal 1000 birds,9th North West Combine from Exeter against 4312 birds sent by 207 lofts on 19th June.

Dave’s comment regarding ‘Proper Charlie’ was ‘Not bad for a little cock that was bought as a hen’ a ‘Dude that looks like a lady!’

‘Propere Charlie’ is still only a young cock and has plenty of time to add substantially to his already impressive C.V.  He is a son of our really top cock ‘Propere 10’ bred by Jan and Rik Hermans from the renowned pair ‘Propere’ and ‘Athena’ one of the best bloodlines in the modern Pigeon Sport.

‘Propere 10’ one of our very best breeders and has an incredible success rate with various hens in a short time. Testament to the strength of the ‘Propere’ bloodline of Jan and Rik Hermans.

This beautiful hen is ‘Sister Charlene’ dam of ‘Proper Charlie’ and once again from the top winning gene pool of Rik Hermans.