‘Chico’ is the sire of ‘Miguel’ a cock that won 10 prizes in the top ten for us and he is the sire of our first bird this week from Quievrain winning 2nd club and 20th Fed against over 2,000 birds and is another multiple prize winner.

‘Chico’ is a son of Hannibal and probably his successor…We can verify over 60 x 1st prize winners from this great cock in the first and second generations when paired to different hens and for many different fanciers… ‘Chico’ is without doubt the best we ever bred from our old super breeding pair ‘Hannibaal’ and ‘Genie’ and is probably one of our best ever breeding cocks.


First race of the season started with Quievrain on 13th April 2019. The stiff North East wind was the last wind we needed for this short race however the birds came well.

In the club we had 268 birds away and we won 2nd,4th,5th,7th etc

First bird also winning 20th Union de Baronie against 2,105 birds was NL15-1810813

This cock NL15-1810813 is a multiple prizewinner for us. He was a winner of 1st Quievrain 359 birds,27th Union de Baronie 3,480 birds… He also won 2nd Peronne 430 birds,3rd Union de Baronie 4,389 birds & 66th Provincial 20,806 birds and the week before he was 44th Combine 8,482 birds… and many other results as a yearling and young bird…

Second bird was NL14-3432688…

Our third bird was a yearling from ‘Special One’ (Son Harry) and our fourth bird was also a yearling from ‘Lady Million’ (Daughter Harry).