*War Drum our top breeding cock and sire of our third in the first race of the season scoring 96th Combine against almost 8,000 birds with NL17-1375921 a previous good winner as a young bird and a real star of the future!


First race of the 2018 season was from Quievrain a distance of 174 km to Nieuwendijk.

Club 293 birds…2nd,3rd,6th,11th,12th,15th

Union de Baronie 3,514 birds…40th,48th,92nd

Overall Lib Rayon 3 and 4

7,928 birds…40th,48th,96th


Our first bird a yearling scoring for the first time was NL17-3723686 through the Harry line on his sires side and a super well bred hen from the top loft of de Hoogh and Son…




Second bird was NL17-1375935 a son of Brave and Bontje 191 winning  3rd Club 293 birds,48th Combine 7,928 birds  a previous winner in 2017 of 3rd Club 89 birds,26th Fed 832 birds & 41st Combine 2,271 birds Peronne. A previous winner of 7th Club 551 birds, 7th Fed 1,522 birds, 9th Combine 3,987 birds Asse Zellik.



Our third bird was NL17-1375921 a grandson of Mona Lisa and War Drum winning 6th Club 293 birds , 96th Combine 7,928 birds and was a previous winner last year of 5th club 421 birds,11th Fed 1,127 birds,42nd Combine 3,124 birds from Morlincourt and was a previous winner of 1st Club 551 birds, 1st Fed 1,522 birds, 2nd Combine 3,987 birds Asse Zellik. A REAL STAR OF THE FUTURE!