This last few seasons we have discovered a few potential star racers and breeders.

Some of the breeders are already well known and they have continued to perform well. We can not of course stand still and every season we are always trying new lines crossed into what we already have. They are then tested in the racing lofts in Nieuwendijk  a ‘hot bed’ of pigeon racing in Brabant , Holland, as well as in the many one loft races around the world.

When Mike initially established a racing loft in Holland in the late eighties with his buddy Luc Van der Weijst in Alphen, South Holland, they set a standard of racing that was talked about not only in Europe but around the world.

As you can see here, a gigantic set up is not required to achieve great results…as long as the birds and management are top class..

The original foundation birds were only selected on results and included many names that was to become famous years later like the ‘Picanol’ of Gaby, ‘Mattens’ of Achiel Mattens via Ad Schaerlaeckens ( not forgetting Sissi), ‘Hercules’ of Van Loock , ‘Topo’,’President’,Supercrack 699′ and many more. The current great breeder ‘Super 8’ is from the original birds and is proving to as good or better than ever due to the continual selection by results.

Due to family and work commitments Luc had to take a break from the sport and the lofts were re established with Peter Colijn and his father Hans in Nieuwendijk over ten years ago.

The original bloodline is still happily retained and together we have built on the foundations as previously mentioned . Not only the well known Drum, Hannibal, Favorite Son, Young Couple bloodline has been discovered but the fantastic Rocket blood of  Van Gastel together with the Fieneke blood of Mike’s late great friend Flor Vervoort and newer lines like Creator of Spierings. Mike’s super breeding hen in the States ‘Mona Lisa’ is a combination of these lines and this once in a lifetime hen will play a massive part in the team in the next few years.

The team continues to discover new birds and we include here three examples of decent racing hens .