I received a very nice montage of  ‘Magical Jen’ and her parents from Geoffrey Douglas . She won 1st NIPA Young Bird National from Talbenny when 297 members sent 2616 birds for the Gilford fanciers Rafferty and Toman in 2021.

The winner ‘Magical Jen’ was bred and raced by Rafferty and Toman from a pair obtained from Geoffrey Douglas and we are very pleased to say they are 100% Syndicate Lofts bloodlines.

Sire of the winner is from a son of Amadeus (Direct son Di Caprio) x Ivy (Daughter Safier Couple Leo Heremans) paired to a daughter of Bronco (Son Cow Girl of Rik Hermans) with Naomi (Daughter Hannibal with Doran mother Johannesburg,Mystique of John Crehan and the Syndicate Cock of Leach Brothers)

Dam of the winner was from the same son of Amadeus x Ivy when he was paired to a daughter of Alonso (Son Safier Couple Leo Heremans) with Astrid (Daughter Favorite Couple Leo Heremans).

A great winner of a great race with a youngster bred in the ‘Purple’.

Geoffrey Douglas also scored 8th Open in the same race with a youngster bred from a son of King Kanon (Direct son of Kanon Danny van Dyck) x Centrefold (Atilla x Little Star) . Dam was from the well respected loft and bloodlines of John Wheatcroft.

Many thanks once again Geoffrey for the photo and information and many congratulations indeed to all involved.