Last Saturday was the Chateauroux National of Belgium. This classic race had a total entry overall of 25,474 birds which included 14,722 yearlings.

Rik clocked three very early ones to win 3rd,4th,5th National Yearlings and 3rd,6th,7th fastest overall .

The three early birds, all yearling hens contain Rik and Jan Hermans multiple performance bloodlines that have flown sensationally well this last few seasons.

We are also very pleased that his 3rd arrival for 5th National Yearlings 14,722 birds and 7th Overall 25,474 birds was bred from a Syndicate Lofts mother that Rik bought in our Blackpool auction in 2014. She was inbred to Marijke Vinks great pair Tips x Geschelpte Kannibaaltje being bred from Teofilo whose father was a full brother to Drum when paired to a daughter of Drum and Doran therefore a full sister to our Johannesburg and Mystique bred by us and raced by Crehan and O’Connor.

Rik only ever bred two youngsters from the hen for the first time when she was 3 years old before she sadly died. That was a great shame as the nest sister B16-6128512 to last Saturdays winner B16-6128511 also won 13th National La Souterraine against 16,613 birds last year as a youngster.


3rd Chateauroux Yearling Nat. 14,772 birds
3rd Overall 25,474 birds


4th Chateauroux Yearling Nat. 14,772 birds
6th Overall 25,474 birds


5th Chateauroux Yearling Nat. 14,772 birds
7th Overall 25,474 birds