Rik Hermans really is at the top of his game. Bourges was a head wind for him all of the way, real pigeon weather and  he  certainly didn’t disappoint at one of the longest distances of the entire race.

His entire team (11 old birds and 19 yearlings) was basketted and the result was as follows:

Kempische Fond Club:

698 Old Birds: 1, 2, 10, etc. (7/11)

799 Yearlings : 4, 5, 13, 15, 16, 17, etc. (14/19)

Also the fastest two pigeons from 1,497 pigeons.

Antwerp Province:

4,313 Old: 2, 3, 60, etc. (7/11)

4,725 Yearlings: 20, 33, 90, 117, 118, 119, 150, 160, 309, 358, etc. (14/19)

In the National Zone the 3rd and 4th against 5,243 Old and 33rd and 46th against 4,675 Yearlings.

Nationally its 76th and 85th against 34.311 Old Birds – 2 in the top 100!

First prizewinner in the KFC is 19/384 “Halfzus Nike” 1st National Bourges 28,078 YB’s (from “Kleine Koopman” (Sire of “Nike”) x Daughter “Athena,(Athena is mother of “Nike” and Grandmother of “Chucky”). As a yearling she won 481st-721st- 817th-956th National.

The second pigeon is 19-341, and she comes from a Son of “Olympic Blue” (Koring) x “Tinky” x “Frele Feline” (direct Verkerk and top breeder,when paired with “Chucky” she is also mother of the 1st Yearling from Bourges).