*This is ‘Claudia’ a beautiful daughter of Drum and Little Star. A really good breeding pair.

Had a message from Ian Riley of the Riley,Moran and Kirwan partnership reporting winning 1st Hough Green HS 401 birds and 1st Widnes Federation from Monmouth against 889 birds with a youngster bred from their son of King Chalon (Son Las Vegas of Van Toor Brothers) and Claudia (Daughter Drum x Little Star). This cock has been a very capable breeder for Ian including being the father of his 1st Leigh Arms Gold Ring race a few years ago.

Drum bred well with most hens but its remarkable how well he bred with Little Star with many top winners reported down from them especially this season.

Very well done indeed to Riley ,Moran and Kirwan on their good win.


KING CHALON winner of 1st Chalon de Champagne 6.289 birds and 1st Ablis 177 birds with a 10 minute lead!! Now unfortunately infertile.