*This is our old top breeding cock ‘Hannibal’ a direct son of The world famous ‘Kannibaal’ of Dirk Van Dyck. 

Hannibal   Belg 2001-6525629. A partial breeding record….

Direct father of:-

*4th Rhonfried Futurity 2200 birds

*9th Vanrobaeys Gold Ring 4670 birds

*1st UK 340 birds ~ 6th International Hot Spot 3042 birds SCMDPR

*1st UK Overall Ace Pigeon ~ 2nd International Ace Pigeon SCMDPR 2003

*1st Ace Pigeon Sprint, Union De Baronie against 1700 members

*1st Combine Morlincourt  8095 birds

*14th National NPO Orleans 6.783 birds

*30th National NPO Orleans 10.473b

*25th National NPO Creil     25.056 birds

*30th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds

*72nd National NPO Creil    11.056 birds

*132nd National NPO Orleans 8.687 birds

*1st Sens 304 birds ~ 31st Combine 4.775 birds

*2nd Pommeroeul 377 birds ~ 4th Combine 6.369 birds

*2nd Orleans 157 birds ~ 3rd Combine 1.737 birds

*2nd Creil 383 birds ~ 3rd Combine 6.441 birds

Grandfather of:-

*1st Welsh South East National Maidstone 4.634 birds

 *1st Welsh South East Combine 15.100 birds clear by 20 y.p.m.

*1st Welsh South East National Ramsgate 2.244 birds

*1st Welsh South East Combine 4.696 birds clear by 38 y.p.m.

*1st N.I.P.A. Fermoy 17.260 birds                                                                                                                               

*1st Combine Wolvertem 4.679 birds

*1st Rivenhall 7.132 birds                                                                                                                                                                     

*1st Newark 6.148 birds

*1st St Quentin 3.519 birds ~2nd Combine 13.618 birds

*15th St Quentin 6.623 birds

*20th Sezanne 3.030 birds

*1st Wincanton 1.672 birds

*1st Kelso 9.151 birds

*1st Kingsdown 1.473 birds

*1st Portland 200 birds ~ 3rd Federation 1368birds

*1st Wincanton 170 birds ~ 5th Federation 1237 birds

*2nd Up North Combine Folkestone 17.762 birds beaten for first by 0.002 y.p.m.

*3rd Section Messac ~ 8th Open Midlands Continental Classic 155 members sent 1271 birds

*30th National NPO Orleans 10.473 birds

*1st Wigan 2 bird Championship Club Messac 67 members sent 132 birds.. 11 minutes clear            

*1st U.K., 7th International Algarve One Loft Race, Portugal

*1st Section E NFC Saintes 682 birds ~ 2nd Open NFC Saintes 3,726 birds


Had a nice message from Stuart Fawcett and Paul Gregg informing us of a top performance by the legend Ron Williamson winning 3rd Open NIPA Fermoy against a staggering 16,693 birds.

Six years ago Stuart and Tracy Fawcett obtained a direct late bred daughter of Rik Hermans super hen Ranomi. The following season Stuart and I arranged a special pairing of our top breeding cock Hannibal with his hen. The result was four youngsters. We retained one for our own breeding lofts (The smallest and latest one that we thought was maybe too small and wouldn’t make it). The young hen matured into a real beauty and we named her ‘Bontje 191’ and she has bred some outstanding offspring straight away. For example *2nd Provincial Oudenaarde 8,027 birds (1st Fed.1,041 b, 2nd Combine 2,958 b) *4th Combine Quivrain 3,627 birds (1st Club 349 b , 2nd Fed 1,235 b) *6th Combine Asse Zellik 3,098 birds (6th Fed.1,171 b) *13th Fed. Creil 1,759 birds (3rd Club 135 b) * 75th National NPO Peronne 12,211 birds (2nd Club 278 b , 11th  Section 2,302b).

We then offered Stuart Fawcett his pick of the others and after much deliberation he selected a young cock.

This young cock he loaned to his very good friends Gregg Brothers and McCandless the famous Northern Ireland fanciers and they coupled it to a grand daughter of ‘De Leeuw’ of Marcel Wouters and gifted their friend Ron Williamson a youngster from the couple. The result was 3rd Open NIPA Fermoy 16,693 birds.

Ron had a sparrowhawk attack during the week that caused nervousness in the birds and he had a bit of a job dropping the pigeon.  Pity really as Paul and Stephen had bred the dams of the precious two weeks NIPA winners and the Hat Trick would have been nice.

It should also be noted that the daughter of Ranomi of Stuart and Tracy has also become a quite extraordinary breeder demonstrating once again that top winning genes crossed with other top winning genes will inevitably produce other top winners!

Eye shot of Hannibal…