We had a very nice message from Liverpool reporting the Steve Gildea and Sons North Liverpool Federation win from Bath against 1872 birds with one bred from our top breeding cock ‘King Kanon’ bred by Danny Van Dyke from his champion cock ‘Kanon’ when he was paired to a sister of ‘Propere Rik’.  ‘King Kanon’ was paired to ‘Seren’ bred by Dirk Van Dyke from the renowned ‘Di Caprio’ paired to ‘Blauwe Dochter Kannibaal’.

This hen ‘Seren’ not only looks the part and is bred from the very best of the best, but she has also bred fantastically for us and many others.  She also bred the dam of  S.Guildea , Son and Williamson’s 1st North Liverpool Federation winner last season from  Monmouth against 1965 birds when she was paired to ‘Little Dirk’.

Good prize winners are reported from ‘Seren’ with different cocks on a regular basis. Again just last week we had a message from Gary Douglas and his partner Davey Barron from the North East. They won 1st in both clubs last Saturday with two bred from a two year old daughter of ‘Seren’ when she was coupled to ‘War Drum’.  One bird was 1st club ,9th Fed 771 birds and the other was 1st Club 9th Section (approx) against 5000 birds.

‘Seren’ did not lay any eggs in 2021 and we thought she was finished however we discovered she had an infection in her oviduct and after treating last Autumn she has bred us seven super quality youngsters this season that will strengthen our own breeding loft for a few years.

King Kanon a real top breeder at all levels of competion. Paired to Seren he bred last weeks 1st N.L.Federation Bath against 1872 birds.



Seren paired to King Kanon bred last weeks 1st N.L.Fed Bath against 1872 birds for S.Gildea and Son. Last season when paired to Little Dirk she bred the dam of their 1st N.L. Federations Monmouth winner against 1965 birds

Eye shot of Seren..