Had a super report from Mark Williamson winner of yesterdays Hot Spot 3 from 
Weymouth in the RPRA One Loft Race against 526 birds.

Hi Peter,just a quick message we were lucky enough to win hotspot 3 
from Weymouth racing as Sayers & Wilkinson with a blue cock whose father 
is an inbred Drum cock who was bred from a G/son Drum & Gerrie x G/Daughter 
Drum x Marina,the Drum line is phenomenal 
Yours in sport Mark Wilkinson

The Drum line is phenomenal as Mark says. In fact winner of the RPRA Hot Spot 1 
from Bath a few weeks ago was The Undertakers with one down from War Drum the 
super breeding grandson of Drum.

Very well done indeed and best of luck for the final.