Yesterday was the Sens young bird race a distance of around 415 km to Nieuwendijk.

Once again we was very pleased with the team performance with early prizes and all home.

Club 294 birds…3rd,5th,6th,7th,8th,9th etc

Union de Baronie 2305 birds…12th,41st,43rd,47th,57th,59th

Brabant 2000 12,400 birds…96th

Congratulations to club mates H & O winning by almost ten minutes yesterday!

Our first bird was NL20-2009617 scoring for the first time and bred from ‘Bruce’ a promising young breeder bred by Jan Hooymans from ‘New Harry’ and the mother is direct from our old foundation cock Granger paired with ‘Rhiannon’ one of our very best breeding hens.

‘Bruce’ a promising young breeder for us and a direct son of New Harry of Jan Hooymans…


Our second bird was a previous winner of 14th Combine Niregnies a few weeks ago against 3914 birds and was bred by Jan Hooymans from a pair on loan from us ‘The Golden Witpen’ and ‘Daughter Harry’ . The parents of the super racer Cesar. We shared the youngsters and can only hope that this youngster is a good as his famous brother.

Our third bird was NL20-2009612  yet another direct child of Special One the direct son of Harry to score for us.

Fourth bird was GB20V56130 bred from Amadeus a direct son of Di Caprio one of the most prolific racers and breers of the last 20 years in the pigeon sport paired with Lady Bird a direct daughter of War Drum and Foxy Lady…

Fifth bird was NL20-1581130 the nest mate to our 11th Combine Niergnies 4362 birds a few weeks ago and bred from a son of Special One with a daughter of Blue Fox a full brother of Foxy Lady and a daughter of War Drum.

Sixth bird was GB20V56136 a winner last week from Pont St Max  40th Combine 3106 birds , 122nd Brabant 2000 against 16,292 birds,  and is bred from ‘Blue Mike’ a really good breeding son of ‘Mona Lisa’  Mike Ganus’s elite breeding hen paired with ‘Serena’ one of the last daughters of ‘Granger (Son Rocket) and a daughter of ‘Drum’.


Our first bird from Sens,
3rd club 294 birds
12th Union 2305 birds
96th NPO Brabant 2000 vs 12,400 birds


1st Club 463 birds      14th Combine Nergnies  against 3914 birds …
5th Club 294 birds     41st Combine Sens against 2305 birds.


6th Club 294 birds
43rd Combine Sens 2305 birds


7th club 294 birds
47th Combine Sens 2305 birds…


8th Club 294 birds
57th Combine 2305 birds..Sens

9th Club 294 birds      59th Combine 2305 birds from Sens