The handsome Cock featured here is King Kanon bred by Danny van Dyck from his famous Kanon..

He is the Grandsire of our winner yesterday.

‘King Kanon’also bred the sire of ‘Rathens Bobbi Mac’ (Garry Inkley)
*1st NFC Countances YB National 3,200 birds.
*(1st Overall 4,155 birds)

Her Nest sister ‘Gina’ is arguably the best racing National and Classic racing hen in the UK at the moment winning:
*2nd NFC Nort Sur Erdr 5097 b

*18th NFC Sigogne 2403 b

*23rd NFC Fougeres 9594 b

*31st BICC Cholet 2859 b

*34th NFC Hens National Countances 957 b

*52nd NFC Countences 3200b

*71st NFC Sigone 2660 b

‘King Kanon’ also bred the sire of Steve Guildea’s good hen ‘858’
*1st MNFC 2b Nom Countances 234 b
*5th MNFC Countances 8903 birds


Yesterday we raced from Sens a distance of over 400 km in  REAL pigeon weather…high temperature’s, clear blue sky , and a north east headwind over the entire journey home, so a working race with the winners doing around 1200 m/p/m.

We are delighted by the continuing form shown by the team after a few dodgy weeks winning 22 prizes from 35 entries in the Union de Baronie Combine including 9 in the top 100 against over 2000 entries.

29th May Club Result from Sens…317 birds


Yesterdays Union de Baronie Combine result against 2162 birds.


Our first bird was NL19-3920157

NL19-3920157 club winner this week from Sens also winning second from Issoudun last week and scoring well as a young bird.. 

Second bird was NL20-1581151

NL20-1581151 our second arrival this week and previous winner of 1st Chadeaudun 131 birds…10th Federation 1333 birds…56th National NPO 6277 birds.


Third bird was NL20-2009611

NL20-2009611 our third bird in the clock yesterday and previous winner of 1st club, 2nd Combine and 16th NPO against 10,000 plus birds…


Fourth bird was NL20-2009602

NL20-2009602  our fourth bird yesterday and nest sister to Special Boy…


Fifth bird was NL20-2009601

Special Boy

Fifth bird was NL20-2009601 ‘Special Boy’ winner of 1st Provincial Ace Young Bird and 6th NPO Dutch National Ace Young Bird last year.  Coming into form at the right time we hope.


Sixth bird was NL18-5191588

NL-18-5191588 – our sixth bird this week and points pigeon again.  He is probably the best racer in our team at the moment and has been quite something for the last few seasons. A great mixture of our old bloodlines with new bloodlines. Its the best way forward! 


Our seventh bird was NL20-2009604

NL20-2009604 our seventh bird yesterday and previous winner of 34th NPO Sens 10,005 birds…


Our eighth bird was GB19V51529

GB19V51529 our eighth arrival yesterday and pervious winner from Quievrain for 76th Combine against 4088 birds…


Our 9th arrival was NL20-1581129

NL20-1581129 our ninth arrival yesterday and previous winner of 11th Combine Quievrain 4362 birds…