• Published in hardback with laminated gloss cover, this book contains 240 pages of text and colour illustrations.
  • 47 Chapters detailing most things every serious pigeon fancier should know…. Feed and Feeding…Darkening Old Birds…Territory and Motivation…Vaccination..Water and Moisture..Young Bird Racing… These topics and much, much more are covered in this new publication! Two must read articles from De Duif on the new ‘coming men’ of the middle distance in Belgium…Luc van Mechelen and Rik Hermans. BUY YOURS TODAY!!
  • Sale!
    The 'Duif' is the worlds oldest and most respected pigeon sport magazine, published in Antwerp, the cradle of the sport, since 1888. It continues to report the up to date news on a weekly basis, written by the principle pigeon sport journalists.


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