Had a very welcome message from Peter van Helden of Hardinxveld reporting the win of 1st Menen in the South Holland East race against 3083 entries yesterday.

We are very pleased  that his winner Blue Checker Cock NL20-1507460 is 50 % Colijn Fox Syndicate Lofts bloodline bred from his ‘De 747’ a gift egg to them which they raced in their own loft winning 4th Asduif Natour in Rayon A.

This is the second South East Holland winner this cock has produced having also bred the 1st Asse Zellik winner against 4071 birds.

His bloodline is from our original lines and once again the Young Couple are in the pedigree via our fantastic breeder ‘Golan’. This original Picanol / Kleinen (Vandenabeele) and Kannibal  (Van Dyke)line is quite remarkable and continues to perform at the highest level.


Well done once again.

1st Menen 3083 birds for S & P van Helden.