In Blackpool 2020 we had the opportuniy to buy one of the last sons of Gerard Koopman’s brilliant cock ‘Jerson’.

This Olympic Ace Pigeon Long Distance  winner was sold to a Chinese fancier during the previous autumn and Gerard Koopman retained his offspring for his own breeding loft so it was important to secure ‘SOLOMON’ his son for our own breeding loft as he not only was bred from super performance parents but had the ‘Kleien Dirk’ bloodlines on both sides of his pedigree as well as ‘Miss Moekhoek’ and ‘Zenda’ two sisters of our own ‘Drum’ also on both sides of his pedigree.

‘Jerson’ was bred from ‘Daydream’ the 1st NPO Ablis winner against 8519 birds and she was bred from the famous ‘Cassius’ the son of the legendry ‘Kleine Dirk’ when paired to ‘Annelies’  his full sister. Dam of ‘Daydream’ is ‘Miss Moekhoek’ a full sister to our own basic breeding cock ‘DRUM’.

Dam of ‘SOLOMON’ is ‘Miss Marakot’ a 1st Provincial Ravenstein winner against 11,509 birds and she is bred from a son of ‘Kleine Dirk’ with ‘Golden Lady’ his own dam and the mother of ‘Miss Marakot’ is ‘Zenda’ another full sister to ‘DRUM’.

One of the very first youngsters from ‘SOLOMON’ to leave our lofts was  a hen sold to Mr Robert Bean from Yorkshire.  He was paired to a daughter of ‘Caliph’ from ‘Reza’ a brother of ‘Drum’ coupled with a daughter of ‘Drum’ and ‘Gerrie’. This hen bred ‘MYLIE’ winner 15th in the British Masters Final Race 2021 from 420 km against 419 birds in a very tough race indeed. Headwinds and a very heavy rainstorm for the last 100km to the loft in Brighton.

‘Jerson’ also bred ‘Daniella’ one of Koopmans current top breeding hens and dam of  NL20-4753863 LADY SUNSHINE winner of *1st NPO Vierzon 5962 birds, *11th NPO Sourdun 5475 birds, *39th Provincial Arlon 16.181 birds and MAURA *9th Dutch National Ace Long Distance WHZB 2021. Jerson also is grandsire of MALIKA of Bakker and son  winner of *1st NPO Blois 6631 birds and *3rd NPO Bourges 5177 birds.

A daughter of JERSON and MISS MARAKOT paired to a son of JERSON therefore an inbred double granddaughter of JERSON purchased in the Golden Duif U.K. auction 2020 bred 1st Algarve Golden Race winner 2022 winning €200,000! for Martin Steffl in another tough final with heat and headwinds.

Although these results are the ususal tough long distance racing conditions we assosiate with the Kleine Dirk lines our own ‘SOLOMON’ is creating a very impressive breeding C.V. with various hens in all kinds of conditions.

Last week we was very pleased to hear from Mr Paul McCarthy reporting winning 1st in his Club and 11th Section 1764 birds , 56th NIPA open 14,072 birds in the first young bird race of the 2023 season with one bred from a son of ‘SOLOMON’ and ‘MISS MEPPEN’.

Another report last week was from Shaune Cooke and Father from Wrexham clocking 10 birds in 10 seconds to win the top seven postions in the first Wrexham Fed Young Bird race of the2023 season from Hereford against 1489 birds. Two of these were from a son of SOLOMON and ALICIA and another was bred from a son of SOLOMON and MISS MEPPEN.

In a short space of time, the results are just what we had hoped for to blend in and continue our existing Drum lines.  Fast or Slow races in Easy or Tough conditions from 70 to 450 miles.