During the last few years we have been selecting and introducing some new bloodlines that will form part of our immediate breeding plans.

Some are up and coming bloodlines and others are tried and tested lines that have stood the test of time with honour and are winning better now than they ever did. As usual only multi performance lines from families of great performers are selected. No room for ‘One Hit Wonders’

‘Lady Luck’ is a top class young hen bought at the Dirk Leekens ~Jan Hermans clearance sale last Autumn. She is down from the original Karel Schellens bloodlines ( via the great Louis Delues) through Nationaal 1..Maes 1…Fenomenale…Vooruit.. crossed with the old Thomas Peeters and Son bloodlines of Diego Armando..Gouden Gris.

Tried and tested birds for generations and winning at the top level for over 40 years. Just what we all need!!

Our new website should be up and live around mid May and will feature more than 80 breeders in our new online ‘Breeders Profile‘ section.

Be sure to check back.