This is Syndicate Britannia  winner of equal 1st from the 350 mile final race. She was the most consistent of our 3 entries and went to the final pooled and nominated in everything we could put her in….she didn’t disappoint…
Fortunately we bought this hen back from the after race auction and she bred supremely well for us. We still have her bloodline in our lofts and it continues to perform at the highest level.

This is the pre race dinner at the Monte Carlo Hotel the headquarters of the Las Vegas Racing Pigeon Club.
I am on the left hand side sitting next to my late great buddy Peter Van Raamsdonk the world renowned pigeon photographer.

This was at the race marking. We had great confidence in the hen as she had raced extremely well in the run up to the final.
We pooled her in everything we could.

On the morning of the race the talk was as expected about the expected time of arrival.
In the shot is Luc Van der Weijst of Alphen,Holland..myself, Jos Thone,Gaby Vandenabeele and an American fancier…

Birds still not home and we were getting a little anxious. Sitting here with the famous H & O Boys from Nieuwendijk, Holland…

The winners…Brian and Peter Fox with Gene Hamilton and John Timmermans of Pigeon World USA who had two early birds in the drop.

A group shot before the prize presentation. From left to right..Bill Ensign (Race Director)..John Timmerman..Suvit (Loft Manager)..Gene Hamilton..Mike Ganus..Peter Fox…Brian Fox.

Only in Vegas.. We travelled to Las Vegas with our mother Mary who was serenaded by the Elvis impersonator. He sang the Tom Jones tune ‘Delilah’!!