We are very pleased to have received reports of a number of very notable performances in the final young bird classic of the 2020 season.

In the B.I.C.C. Young Bird National Race from Falaise Mike Moody wins a very well deserved 1st Open with a youngster bred from a recent Mark Gilbert introduction paired with a daughter of his Propere Rik x Claudia Hen coupled with a Eddie Janssen hen.

Propere Rik with various hens have produced some really top class performers this year at all levels.

In the same race Lee Bastone was 2nd Section 4th Open with one bred from a yearling daughter of Golan (Son Young Couple) paired with Sunday Girl a really good producing daughter of Jan Hooymans Harry.

This is Sunday Girl a daughter of Harry when coupled to the incredible Jan and Rik Hermans breeding hen ‘The Last One’…Sunday Girl has this season continued to reinforce an already phenomenal breeding record.

In the National Flying Club Young Bird National Race from Countances Darren Ede rounds of his fantastic season flying only young birds and yearlings taking the first three in Section B. His Section winner is a high performance racing cock that Darren invested heavily in to secure for his breeding loft when he was paired to a daughter of Propere Rik with Foxy Lady. Darren bought this hen in our Blackpool Auction conducted by Stuart Wilcox and she has become a really excellent breeder for him very quickly having already bred ‘Lone Survivor’ his super hen winner of 1st UK Overall Averages in this years SAMDPR.

Champion Racer and an even better breeder…

In the same race Ken Wise of Isleworth wins 4th Section E with a young bird bred from a Golden Gaby cock from Mark and Dick Evans coupled with a daughter of Propere Rik and Jean Genie (Skyfall x Genie).

In the B.B.C. National from Countances D .Wilton and Son fro Essex wins 1st Section J with a youngster bred from a two year old daughter of Sundance (Bandit x Foxy Lady) with Indigo (Propere 10 x Jean Genie).

‘Sundance’ a son of Bandit and Foxy Lady is another young talent in our breeding loft…

In the MCC Young Bird Classic from Carentan Dixie Dean Cartmell from Worcester wins 1st Section 8th Open with one bred from a daughter of Mario (Son Di Caprio) x Sunday Girl.

Very well done indeed to all concerned.