This is NL14-1209933 ‘Son James Bond’ a recent purchase for our breeding loft. He was bred by Jan Hooymans from ‘James Bond’ the direct son with the best breeding record of the super couple ‘Jonge Bliksem’ x ‘Dirkje’. That makes him a full brother to many super’s including the famous ‘Harry’.

An appealing thing about this young cock other than the superb breeding record of his father is on his mothers side he has the top class ‘Miss Mookhoek’ bloodline of Marijke Vink being bred from one of the greatest breeding couples of recent times ‘Tips’ x ‘Geschelpte Kannibaal’ therefore making her a full sister to our ‘Drum’ and ‘Dutch Master’.

‘Son James Bond’ is a late bred with 3 nest flights to go, but his potential quality when he matures becomes very evident as soon as he is handled. He is a perfect fit in every way and we very much look forward to coupling him with daughters of ‘Drum’ and ‘Dutch Master’ as well as daughters of our ‘Young Couple’.

NL14-1209933 PedigreeJames Bond Breeding Results