Lot 48. Blue Cock GB20V56558.

This is a very Special Lot bred from our top breeder MAX  x MURPHY’S DIAMOND (daughter Murphy’s Law of Willem de Bruijn)

Willem de Bruijn has been very hard to ignore this last few years not only for his own fantastic results but also the volume of really top winners his bloodline has been responsible for for very many top fanciers in the Pigeon Sport often improving even the very best fanciers established teams.

Willem is a ‘Disciple’ of Ad Schaerlaeckens and not only does he know where the good birds are but he also follows Ad’s ruthless selection strategy based entirely on results. Breeding lots of birds off everything in his loft and retaining only the very best every year.

Each season Willem and Ad also visit the top performers as they emerge and usually introduces new birds to race from that fancier. The winners stay and the losers go.

The base of his birds goes way back way over twenty years to the world renowned Brothers De Wit with their Janssen/De Klak based bloodlines and probably the most influential introduction he has made into these was two full rounds from Heremans Ceusters at their very peak in the early new millenium. All of these were raced and only the very best were of course retained. 

The current bloodline is dominated by the legendary Heremans Ceusters birds such as Rossi, Spinneke and Kleine Blauwe so it’s no surprise that these lines won for Willem de Bruijn as we have all seen the importance these lines have played in the modern Pigeon Sport at all levels.

We are also always looking out for the best winning bloodlines every year and as a decent percentage of our own original Leo Heremans birds have done so well for us, we introduced a number of hand picked individuals from Willem’s loft to continue the winning lines. These Willem de Bruijn bloodlines are an obvious fit for any existing performance based team as they have not strayed too far from the original basic key Heremans Ceusters breeders and have been tested severely up to date where it matters. In the races. 

This young cock Lot 48 was bred very late in the year however he is maturing very quickly. The auction photo was taken a month ago and as he has matured so well we have taken a photo of him in the loft so you can take a more recent view of him. It is doubtful if we will offer anything this way bred again due to the age of MAX.

Lot 48 pedigree

Sire: MAX a direct son of the Ultra Successful NIEUWE ROSSI and EENOOGSKE alias the NEW DREAM COUPLE of Leo Heremans…

MAX is the father of :

*16th Nat.NPO Fontenay 7,068b (1st 480b ~ 4th 1,596b)

*24th Nat NPO St.Just 5,838b (1st 155b ~ 8th 1,221b)

*24th Combine Quievrain 4,994b (2nd 350b ~ 8th 1,453b)

*58th Nat.NPO Creil 10,127b (1st 181b ~ 11th 2,275b)

*59th Nat.NPO Roye 15,577b (4th 216b ~ 16th 3,479b)

*85th Nat.NPO Nanteuil 7,620b (3rd 603b ~ 11th 1,555b)

*81st Combine StQuentin 3,788b (4th 438b ~ 12th 1.316b)

*90th Combine Nanteuil 3,520b(6th 255b ~ 15th 1,182b)

*2nd Provincial Oudenaarde 8,027b (1st 1,041b ~ 2nd 2,958b)

*4th Combine Quivrain 3,627b (1st 349b ~ 2nd 1,235b)

*6th Combine Asse Zellik 3,098b (6th 1,171b)

*13th Combine Creil 1,759b (3rd 135b)

* 75th Nat.NPO Peronne 12,211b (2nd 278b ~ 11th 2,302b)

*28th Combine Morlincourt 2,263b (4th 231b).

Dam: MURPHY’S DIAMOND  bred by Willem de Bruijn, she is predominantly the original Heremans Ceusters bloodline through the famous ROSSI and SPINNEKE. She is a daughter of Willem de Bruijn’s new super star MURPHY’S LAW winner of:

*1st National Asduif FCI De Allerbeste

*4th National Asduif Midfond NPO

*1st Pointoise 9.705 birds (1st Overall 26.648 birds)

*3rd Fontenay 11.526 birds

*4th Peronne      2.211 birds

*6th Pt. St. Max 2.573 birds

*7th Asse Zelik 2.278 birds

*8th Pt. St. Max  2.468 birds

*9th Duffel  4.063 birds

*10th Sezanne 4.719 birds

*11th Duffel 1.753 birds

*11th Quievrain 1.538 birds

*11th Peronne 1.015 birds

*14th Peronne 2.495 birds

*16th Melun 4.511 birds

*18th Peronne 2.946 birds

*25th Duffel 4.098 birds .

All as a young bird & yearling!

When you also consider the results of DE HERMAN the father of MURPHY’S LAW you will appreciate the volume of results packed into his winning DNA.


*1st Mennen 3292 birds
*2nd Strombeek 6529 birds
*2nd Strombeek 2925 birds
*2nd Nanteuil 17,186 birds
*2nd Mantes La J 5222 birds
*2nd Strombeek 6332 birds
*3rd Peronne 1643 birds
*3rd Creil 2152 birds
*4th Peronne 6222 birds
*7th Chateauroux 1533 birds

Dam of MURPHY’S DIAMOND is a daughter of OLYMPIC HURRICANE x TOOSKE Both sensational performing racers and breeders!