This is Blue Cock GB16V49083 a son of Propere 10 x Foxy Lady. He was Lot 41 in our auction in Blackpool last year and was purchased by Tam Blair the top Scottish fancier.

I was very pleased to receive news that this cock in his first year , bred two youngsters for racing with both scoring and one of them scoring 6 times including winning 1st North West Fed Alnwick against 1,106 birds.

Considering how few descendants of Foxy Lady have been raced due to being retired from racing only  in the 2016 season they have all performed well , including her only direct child raced winning twice for Price Brothers and Son.

The future looks bright!

Lot 41 in Blackpool 2017 and now owned by Tam Blair.
He bred a first Federation winner in his first nest!