Yesterday was the final of the 2019 South Africa Million Dollar Pigeon race that turned into a tough affair with just over 300 birds home on the day of the 2,531 entries from 531 km.

Our own performance left a lot to be desired however we look forward to the new season with great optimism.

I received a very welcome from Kevin Hibbert of Hibbert Brothers , Rotherham reporting a quite fantastic performance with two of their entries , in the Paul Smith Syndicate.

Their entry ‘Stanstead Gold Charm’ won 33rd prize and Kevin reports that she is 100% our bloodlines having bred both parents. From a son of Tempo x Little Star with a daughter of Amulet x Sister Sphinx.

Stanstead Gold Charm…33rd in the SAMDPR Final yesterday.


They then had another arrival ‘Stanstead Gold Bullet’ for 49th Prize and we are very pleased again she is 50% our bloodline having bred her dam from Propere Rik x Carmen. The sire of Gold Bullet’ was also bred from some of the very best bloodlines in the World via Eijerkamp.

‘Stanstead Gold Bullet’ winner of 49 in the SAMDPR final yesterday.


As far as I can see, this is easily the best two bird performance of the entire race.


We must also mention ‘Pebbles’ of Chris Turner and Debbie Neale of Coventry. This hen has been a real superstar over the entire program and has I am sure thrilled all of the UK fancy with her results. She ended 188th Overall averages and picked up over $9000 on the way.

We again are proud that she is 50% of our bloodlines through my good friend Jack Walker of Cannock. Jack bred the dam of ‘Pebbles’ from a son of ‘Bronco’ x ‘Little Star’ and a daughter of ‘Caliph’ x Sunday Girl’  that we bred. This is the same way bred as the Hot Spot 4 winner in the MNFC One Loft Race 2016  from Salisbury that Jack bred for the Magnificent Seven Syndicate.

‘Pebbles’ a real superstar in the 2019 SAMDPR Series…


The very pleasing thing to us about not only these two reports but various good successes reported during the last few seasons all over the UK and Ireland is the fortification of our old lines crossed with new top performance blood mainly through Rik and Jan Hermans continues to produce high level winners at the highest level.