Since I posted our news item on 13th February , I have received a number of messages and emails regarding this issue mainly from fanciers in the Brabant area who know the individuals mentioned. It would appear that Peter Colijn and I are not the only ones to be conveniently forgotten.

This whole issue is not great for me. Any serious Pigeon Fancier should celebrate the upcoming new talents in the sport and not have to write negative things like this.

I must make it clear that I have never met the two fanciers Stef Bals or Maarten Huijsman personally and I have had dealings with PIPA, so I can only speak as I see it.

I must also make it clear that we ourselves sell birds so ‘commerce’ is not a ‘dirty word’ in our vocabulary , however there are ethics that all would be wise to follow for the good of the sport and ones own integrity.

I publish below the text from a message regarding this issue that I received a few days ago together with my two replies that are self explanatory.  I obviously will not publish the name of the original author out of courtesy and as someone I admire greatly. We will call him or her X

As you can read yourself, I have asked a simple question myself.

‘Who was responsible for changing the pedigree?’ 

It could only be one of three parties and I am 100% certain that all three have read my posts on my website and Facebook.  I am not exactly difficult to contact. Email,telephone,website,Facebook. Its all there. But so far nix.

Clearly no one wants to answer. The silence is deafening.

The pedigrees and loft report that I refer to are all records out there in the public domain , so its not as if there is anything ‘classified’ about it.

Why did someone change the pedigree ? Almost certainly for profit.

There is a good phrase in Flemish that adequately sums this type of act up in general and that translates  ‘To throw sand in their eyes’ of course meaning ‘blinding’ potential buyers (Especially non English or Flemish speakers like China etc) as to the origin of the birds on the pedigree so as not to dilute their revenue.

When is a profit not enough , so as to want to falsify records ? That is another question buyers need to satisfy themselves about  before dealing with anyone.

I make no apologies for updating this post again, however I would be the first to apoligise if provided with an acceptable explanation.

Somehow, I think it will be the policy of ‘Keep quiet it will be forgotten in a few days by which time we will have the money and the foreign buyers cant understand the posts anyway’.

Original Message from X:

Hi Peter,
Long time no see.
Hope you and your family are well. I have a question Peter. Did you breed 08-240?
If so you must have real good birds and a fantastic stock loft. This hen is a unique breeder for Maarten H and his friend Stef.
And ‘a unique breeder’ is for me a ‘unique breeder’. So birds that are very very rare!!!
Take care Peter,
My reply number 1:

Good morning X.

Really nice to hear from you.

Thank you for your question which is always welcome however you might mention to your friends Maarten and Stef that they can ask me directly, I dont bite!

Your question regarding the Unique Breeding Hen NL08-1679240.

This hen was bred in Nieuwendijk by Peter Colijn.

It is no secret in the pigeon world that since 2002 Peter Colijn, Mike Ganus and myself bred together in Nieuwendijk as either Colijn Ganus, Colijn Ganus Fox , Colijn Fox or Syndicate Lofts. We shared our bloodlines. Anyone of these names would be correct in 2008 as the breeder of NL08-1679240. Not Hok Huismans. That is a lie.

I attach a copy pedigree by Stef Bals of Golden Yearling published on PIPA Auctions showing NL08-1679240 and her parents as bred by Hok Huijsmans.

Out of Sportsmanship I think the breeder should be Peter Colijn as it was Peter who helped Maarten Huijsmans as a starter. It was Peter Colijn who gifted Maarten eggs and youngsters for a few years including NL08-1679240. Maarten was gifted everything from Peter and never did even one Euro change hands. Everything was free.

It is now disappointing for not only Peter but myself that we are deleted from history even though I do not even know Maarten Huisjmans or Stef Bals.

In the interests of clarity I also include the pedigree of NL07-1955796 the father of NL08-1679240 bred by Colijn Fox and not Hok Huismans. He is bred from Glyndwr a son of our Young Couple (photo included) and Bright Star a daughter of Topo bred by Mike (No photo available)

I also include the pedigree of GB04A38434 the mother of NL08-1679240 bred by Peter Fox Syndicate Lofts and not Hok Huismans. I also include a photo of Syndicate American Ace the Father and Syndicate Britannia the mother.

In the meantime, I hope all is well with you,

Best regards


My reply 2:

Hi X,

Now I have a question .  Maybe you could ask your friends Maarten Huijsmans or Stef Bals the answer, as they don’t seem to like to speak to me or Peter Colijn anymore.

Here is a quote from a PIPA report of Maarten Huijsmans 0n 7th June  2014:

“According to Maarten, the step up is linked to the completion of his study, but certainly also to a modified system. “I have been flying double widowhood for two years now on the advice of Peter Van De Merwe. I really like that, because you can play more pigeons and you immediately know what your hens can do. For instance, three hens and two cocks flew on teletext on 17 May 2014. “The Huijsmanskolonie is mainly a cocktail of the varieties Peter VD Merwe, G. & S. Verkerk, Kees Bosua and combination Colijn & Ganus.”

He mentions Colijn & Ganus.

I also attach a copy pedigree for NL17-3720611 issued by Stef Bals in 2018. It shows NL08-1679240 bred by Hok Huismans (Incorrect).

It also shows the father NL07-1955796 bred by Peter Colijn. (Correct)

It also shows the mother  GB04A38434 as GFL04-38434 (Incorrect) bred by Peter Colijn (morally correct).

Then we have a copy pedigree for NL17-3720611 the same pigeon issued by Stef Bals and published on the PIPA auction site two weeks ago with the breeder of NL07-1955796 and GB04A38434 changed to Hok Huijsmans and Peter Colijn deleted.

My question is if you would be so kind to ask, who decided to change and delete us from history? It can only be one of three individuals or maybe all three. Stef Bals, Maarten Huijsmans or PIPA.

I think we both know.  You said to me once ‘I do not shake the tree for someone else to collect the fruit’ and I understand that, however these were gifts to a new young starter made with goodwill and sportsmanship.

Not a nice way to repay the kindness, I am sure you would agree.

Your friend ,


Pedigree for NL17-3720611 published in 2018.

Pedigree for the same pigeon NL07-3720611 published with changes in 2019!