This beautiful checker Pied Hen GB10L40803 was bred from ‘Drum’ when he was coupled with our good breeding hen ‘Seven 11′ (Zidane x Agent Starling’). She is the grandmother of Price Brothers and Son’s fantastic racing hen GB12S66202 the winner of 1st Fed Frome 3,700 birds, 1st Fed Frome 4,516 birds & 20th Fed Frome 3,562 birds in the last three weeks. She also won 2nd Open M.C.C. Carentan last year!!     GB10L40803 ‘Daughter Drum’ was purchased by Wayne Doonan of Cock Crow Lofts in Northern Ireland at our Blackpool auction and bred for them 3rd Open NIPA Rosscarbery Young Bird National in her first nest against 4,643 birds.


The top class fanciers from Stourport ~ Price Brothers and Son continue their great start to the season. In the Worcestershire & District Feds third race from Frome last Saturday they had 5 birds drop together to win 1st,2nd,3rd,4th & 6th Fed against 4516 birds.

The week before also from Frome against 3562 birds they were 2nd,3rd,18th,19th,20th,24th,25th,27th. Top class flying by any standards.

Their first bird last weekend for 1st Fed was the same 2 year old Ch.Pied Hen that had won 1st Fed Frome against 3700 birds two weeks ago and 20th Fed Frome last week against 3562 birds. She also won 2nd Open M.C.C. Carentan last year. She is bred from a son of our ‘Granger’ (Direct son of ‘Rocket’) when paired to a daughter of ‘Drum’ x ‘Seven 11′. This week her nest mate GB12S66201 was also clocked to win 3rd Fed. The mother of these sisters is a hen from Steve’s friend Ray Forbes famous for his Soontjens lines..

Once again super bloodlines raced by super fanciers….many congratulations indeed.

Worcestershire & District Federation of Flying Clubs

Secretary: G.Westwood, President: J Henwood
Frome on 03/05/2014 at 10:45 hrs
300 Members clocked birds
4516 Federation Birds.
Pos Name Club AFT Distance Bird Velocity
1 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:30:59 80m582y GB12S66202CPH 1553.933
2 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:31:00 80m582y GB12S66310CHH 1553.648
3 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:31:00 80m582y GB12S66201CHH 1553.648
4 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:31:01 80m582y GB13S46383CHH 1553.364
5 A.Doughty Stourport&Dist 01:31:21 80m1075y NWHU10E2121CHC 1553.093
6 PriceBro&Son Stourport&Dist 01:31:02 80m582y GB12S66240BLH 1553.079
7 A.Wealthall&Son Blackheath 01:43:14 90m1336y GB13F18265CHC 1547.330
8 RM.Taylor OckerHill 01:42:55 90m541y GB13N10431BLC 1544.366
9 T.Mills Stourport&Dist 01:30:16 79m362y GB12S66372BLC 1544.335
10 RM.Taylor OckerHill 01:42:57 90m541y GB12P31852BCH 1543.866